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Russian Wagner mercenaries arrested in Belarus in run-up to presidential election | Ukrainian Weekly

The Wagner Group is a private Russian military contracting company whose purpose is to go into countries like Belarus and destabilize the country. The suspected members were arrested on July 29 in Belorusochka and were staying at a countryside resort. Belarus officials have released that this is just the start of their search and arrest of the military group and ... Read More »

Plan would mandate more research, assistance for veterans facing toxic exposure illnesses | Military Times

Service members who have been exposed to toxic chemicals would be receiving additional support including better research and treatment options through this new legislation. They can easily be exposed to these toxic chemicals through contaminated water, burn pits, and other exposures. VA officials have also recently been questioning how to handle toxic exposure cases while scientific investigations are still underway. ... Read More »

Why adventures and experiences are just as important as acquiring wealth | Robb Report

Spending on experiences rather than “stuff” can promote increased happiness and productivity. In this article Bill Perkins writes about his father’s retirement and how much of the enjoyment after came from memories his father has made. This shifted Perkins perspective on spending. He talks about the memory dividend and how spending money on vacations and experiences is also an investment ... Read More »

How to create long-term, sustainable revenue | Forbes

Ali Katz, founder of Eyes Wide Open Life, Family Wealth Planning Institute, and New Law Business Model, discuses in this article different ways to ensure that the revenue you are making is sustainable. This includes things like not focusing on passive revenue and finding the right role. Understand exactly how much revenue your business requires is also an important step ... Read More »

What is ammonium nitrate and why did it devastate Beirut? | Forbes

On Tuesday Beirut was faced with an explosion linked to ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate is used to help fertilize nitrogen poor soil. However, when kept in big quantities over time or mixed with something like diesel it can cause massage damage and death fairly easily. This is also what many terrorists have used because of it being so cheap and ... Read More »

We must rebalance the State Department’s lopsided counterterrorism strategy | The Hill

Writers for The Hill express their opinion on if having so many troops and spending so much money in the Middle East has actually decreased any terrorism since 9/11. They break down the spending and what we have gotten from it. They deduce than a counterterrorism military focus and increased spending budget have not minimalized terrorism. Source: https://thehill.com/opinion/national-security/509884-we-must-rebalance-the-state-departments-lopsided-counterterrorism Read More »

It’s time for a third special operations revolution | Military Times

Maxwell goes through the history of Special Operations leadership and oversight and exactly how things get done. He talks about the culture and who is overseeing that while referencing to a review put out about the ethics within the community. The report on the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act claims that the community requires more civilian oversight in order to ... Read More »

JCF Special Ops branch nabs “top-tier, high-value” criminals | Jamaica Observer

Since opening the Jamaican Special Ops have gained approval by capturing criminals, cracking down on gangs, and seizing illegal weapons. The operation has targeted 40 of Jamaica’s most dangerous gangs and has arrested 256 people. Many of their operations are intelligence driven, and they continue to improve and increase training exercises. Source: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/latestnews/JCF_Special_Ops_branch_nabs_top-tier,_high-value_criminals Read More »

Special Tactics airmen receive dozens of awards for overseas counterterrorism missions | Stars & Stripes

Special Tactics airmen conducted dangerous counterterrorism missions overseas in Africa and the Middle East. They conducted over 242 raids, controlled over 5,000 aircrafts and were the coordinators in 622 airstrikes. They are being awarded for their sacrifice by receiving many awards. Three of those awards are Bronze Stars. Source: https://www.stripes.com/news/special-tactics-airmen-receive-dozens-of-awards-for-overseas-counterterrorism-missions-1.639510 Read More »