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Austin eyes rolling back Trump-era policy on special operations | Politico

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is weighing whether he should undo the Trump administration’s last-minute decision to elevate the top civilian Pentagon official overseeing special operations. Specifically, the policy is on lowering the special operations job back into the Pentagon’s policy shop.  The last-minute move was seen to elevate America’s elite special operations forces needs and increase civilian oversight. Still, it ... Read More »

Measure would allow VA to give coronavirus vaccine to any veteran and most caregivers | Military Times

In a bipartisan proposal unveiled Wednesday, veterans, alongside their caregivers, would become automatically eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine. Veterans and their caregivers can get their vaccines at Veterans Affairs medical centers, but there is no guarantee that there is enough vaccine for every veteran in America. This legislation would close the hole in current policies that skip over individuals ... Read More »

US Special Forces to soon operate hand-launched, signal-jamming drones | Defense Post

The US Special Forces will soon operate hand-launched, signal-jamming drones after purchasing an undisclosed number of hand-launched unmanned aerial systems (UAS). These UAS can enemy electronic signals in “contested areas” and can even block or “spoof” the Global Positioning System (GPS) of an entire city. No extensive details are provided yet, including the number of units purchased, but the report ... Read More »

Pioneering female Ranger School grad: Lowering fitness standards for women is a bad idea | Military.com

In an essay posted online Thursday, Capt. Kristen Griest expresses her disagreement on the plans of reverting to separate fitness standards for men and women. According to her, doing so doesn’t just hurt the effectiveness of combat arms units but is a slap to the Army’s women for underestimating their capacity. She also added that this would strengthen the belief ... Read More »

Defense Department inspector general reviews Trump relocation of Space Command | Military Times

In an announcement made Friday, the Department of Defense’s inspector general is reviewing the last-minute decision of the Trump administration to relocate U.S. Space Command from Colorado to Alabama. Trump made the decision just a week before he left the office, making the inspector general’s office wonder it has Air Force and Pentagon policy. The review will also help find ... Read More »

Yaupon: The rebirth of America’s forgotten tea | BBC News

Known as the only known native caffeinated plant in North America, Yaupon is a bush with yellow to dark-orange elixir with a fruity and earthy aroma and dense, ovular green leaves and bright red berries. The plant was once the most widely consumed caffeinated beverage in the Americas and has threatened the British East India Company. Sadly, this tea has ... Read More »

Report to Congress on U.S. Special Operations Forces | USNI News

Over the last few years, special operations forces have become a pivotal part of the U.S. military operations. Specifically, it has become responsible for planning and conducting worldwide counterterrorism operations to combat terrorist networks. In 2016, SOF under the Obama administrations had been assigned to coordinate DOD’s efforts to counter WMDs, a mission previously assigned to U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). ... Read More »

A rare glimpse inside the secretive Regimental Reconnaissance Company | Connecting Vets Radio

The Regimental Reconnaissance Company, formerly known as Regimental Reconnaissance Detachment, or RRD, is a special operations forces established in 1984. The company was originally composed of around 20 members from 75th Ranger Regiment, including three Airborne Infantry battalions. Members have been assigned individually or in completing different military operations, not just in the U.S. but all over the world. Over ... Read More »

Rockets target US Embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone, no casualties | Military Times

According to Iraq’s Army, three rockets were fired at Baghdad’s Green Zone, specifically targeting the U.S. Embassy. The rockets were launched from Baghdad’s Salam area, wherein one of the rockets fell near the U.S. Embassy complex. Another rocket fell outside Baghdad’s Green Zone in Harthiya, to be specific. Thankfully, no casualties were reported, and the investigation is ongoing. Source: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2021/02/22/rockets-target-us-embassy-in-baghdads-green-zone-no-casualties/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+military-times%2Fnews%2Fpentagon-congress+%28Military+Times+-+Arc+RSS+-+Pentagon+%26+Congress%29 Read More »

The worldwide web as we know it may be ending | CNN Business

In the last few years, the worldwide web isn’t exactly like how it was years ago. With most of the big tech giants facing their struggles, it isn’t surprising to learn that the online world could become different soon. From banning apps in some countries to clashing with national laws, the worldwide web’s future is uncertain, making “is the world ... Read More »