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Report adds further evidence Iran’s Soleimani was killed by new highly precise missile | The Drive

A new Pentagon report reveals additional details on the strike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq just over a year ago. These add to the amounting evidence that an AGM-179A Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) was used to kill Soleimani. There is also evidence that Joint Special Operations Command and the Central Intelligence Agency have been using these missiles ... Read More »

It’s time to focus on projects, not ideas | Leading Blog

Countless ideas are yet to unfold if someone dared to take on the first step making it a reality. In Charlie Gilkey’s book, Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done, he cited ways and techniques on what we can do to overcome our obstacles to turn our ideas into projects and ensure we take accountability that what we ... Read More »

The value of a mile | John Maxwell

As part of John Maxwell’s Change Your World movement, he is encouraging each one of us to get ourselves moving amidst a pandemic and never underestimate the value of walking a mile. It signifies your willpower to get things done since a mile represents the victory of our will and celebrates the power of intentional action in our lives. This ... Read More »

The Grip Tightens | Mauldin Economics

There is no denying that the coronavirus outweighs anything else in 2020. The impact of the economy will be affected by our overall ability to control and shrink the infections, versus them growing. While some nations have made decent headway the last several months in lowing cases and infection rates, the newer strain that emerged in the UK, B117, could ... Read More »

Bolstering US-Japan technology ties is key to deterring threats in Asia | Defense News

Benjamin McMartin and Bernice Kiyo Glenn shared their commentaries about how the U.S.-Japan partnership should be given importance with the rising threat from Russia, China and North Korea. President-elect Joe Biden and new Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga must find ways to improve the relationship and cooperation. One essential way to do this is for both countries to work closer ... Read More »

The great grift | New Mercy/ No Malice

The response to the coronavirus pandemic has been a $5 trillion effort, but much of it has also been a con. The top 1% has used their influence over the government to give those suffering minimal help, while accruing more wealth. While competition creates innovation, it also creates winners and losers. The wealthy, the winners, use their finances to influence ... Read More »

JSOU: Iranian proxy groups in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen: A principal-agent comparative analysis | Joint Special Operations University

Military strategists, special operations forces, and policy makers must understand the use of proxy forces by Iran throughout the Middle East. These lessons can strengthen US policy decisions made overseas and include larger implications for great power competition. Both Russia and China have used versions of proxy forces to extend their reach and compete with the United States. This report ... Read More »