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Pandemics and the future of military training | War On the Rocks

As the coronavirus continues to spread, normally crowded cities bursting with tourism look like a ghost town as everyone goes into quarantine. In the U.S. many military exercises, include recruitment training, have been shut down and put on hold until the pandemic is over. This has led many to wonder how the military can remain prepared and ready to go ... Read More »

Robert Levinson: US hostage has died in Iran, says family | BBC

Former FBI agent Robert Levinson disappeared in 2007 while on Kish. He was in Iran for the CIA working as a private investigator when he was kidnapped by Iranian security forces. Levinson’s family has now released that they received information from U.S. officials stating he was dead. “It is impossible to describe our pain. Our family will spend the rest ... Read More »

Here’s how military motorcycles have changed over the last 100 years | Hot Cars

Motorcycles have been used throughout the military more than people realize. During the first World War, the U.S. was using Harley Davidson bikes both overseas and on the border of Mexico. Sometimes they were also used alongside a mounted cavalry unit during the Border War. The U.S. then shipped over 80,000 motorcycles to Europe for use by their militaries, including ... Read More »

5th SFG(A) team race in the Mint 400 | DVIDS

The Mint 400 is the oldest and most well-known off-road race in the U.S. Taking place in Nevada, racers compete with custom built vehicles designed for the challenging terrain. This year Green Berets from the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) raced with their Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1s. The active duty personnel modified military vehicles to meet the challenge and participate ... Read More »

COVID-19’s psychosocial impacts | Scientific American

While everyone is being affected by the coronavirus pandemic, health care workers are getting hit especially hard. Over the past several weeks societal norms are slowly beginning to slip away as we see more empty grocery stores, closings, and layoffs. Without a vaccine or solid cure, the only way to combat the virus is through social distancing measures. As the ... Read More »

Anheuser-Busch distributing bottles of hand sanitizer to fight COVID-19 | Fox2 Now

Anheuser-Busch has a reputation for using their breweries to make and give out bottled waters during a natural disaster. Now, during a pandemic, they are handing out hand sanitizer. Anheuser-Busch has also said they will use one of their facilities in Brazil to manufacture hand sanitizer for hospitals. Numerous other breweries and distilleries across the globe are using their sites ... Read More »

AFSOC deletes COVID-19 related Tweet causing minor social media ruckus | Military Times

The Air Force Special Operations Command has deleted a tweet posted to Twitter about COVID-19 and apologized for any insensitivity. The tweet read “Know what else has CV that isn’t #COVID19? #CV22uesday!” along with a photo of the aircraft. Many users responded stating that the post had poor taste and that the virus wasn’t something to joke about. AFSOC director ... Read More »