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Thursday, September 16, 2021


Spuhr’s First Rifle Chassis – Ideal Chassis System | The Firearm Blog

Although the Swedish company Spuhr is best known for their riflescope mounts they have entered a new market with...

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20 years after 9/11 | Navy SEAL reflects on the day that changed America | WHAS 11

They are the US Navy's elite, the force who hunted down Osama Bin Laden and a slew of other militants following the events on...

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Professional Development


To take on Russia and China, the US Navy is standing up a new unit to do the missions that only SEALs can do...

Naval Special Warfare Group 8 (NSWG 8) was born out of the combining of NSWG 3 and NSWG 10. Its creation is another sign Naval Special Warfare is shifting its focus to potential great-power conflicts with near-peer states. Naval...

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