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Russian secret agents have reportedly been operating out of villages in the French Alps | Business Insider

Russian GRU members.

According to the initial report by French newspaper Le Monde, Russian military intelligence members working from the French Alps have been discovered by US and European agencies. Where they established their base for European covert operations, up to 15 members of GRU, the Kremlin’s military intelligence agency, have been living there. In the UK in 2018, two of the Russian ... Read More »

A former Green Beret is running against a former SEAL for a house seat | Military Times

Nick Freitas, a former Army Green Beret, and John McGuire, a former Navy SEAL, are going to be running against each other in the state of Virginia for a seat in the House of Representatives. The Richmond-area is currently held by a Democrat, Abigail Spanberger, whom both Freitas and McGuire have criticized for being in favor of the impeachment inquiry ... Read More »

Schwab to buy TD Ameritrade in blockbuster deal | 401(k) Specialist

Charles Schwab building

A merge deal between Schwab and TD Ameritrade could be the deal of a lifetime, with Schwab paying $25 billion for TD Ameritrade. Walter Bettinger, the CEO of Charles Schwab, has been designated to run the company, with Tim Hockey to leave TD Ameritrade in February of 2020. The merge news comes out just a month after Schwab announces that they ... Read More »

How what’s in our heads changes what’s in the world | The Economist

Picture of a man thinking a big, dark room. Picture for decorative purposes only.

Author Shane Parrish has spoken out about his ideas on how to make the best possible decision. He created Farnam Street, a website that explores the ideas of mental models and how we have to look at a problem through different processes in order to find the best outcome. “Mental models are how we explain the world to ourselves,” commented ... Read More »

Apple to take ‘deeper look’ at disputed borders | BBC

Apple Maps of Crimea and Russia

Apple has commented that they follow all international and domestic laws when creating their maps. Ukraine has slammed Apple for not showing a border between Russia and Crimea, despite Crimea being annexed by Russia from Ukraine in 2014. New legislation passed in Russia has led to the border decision, and Apple says nothing has changed in regard to the border for ... Read More »

Liberate: A Call to Spy brings little known history to light | Pique

Picture of film. For decorative purposes only.

Sarah Megan Thomas decided to go off the beaten path with her new film, LIBERTÉ: A Call to Spy. Her film focuses on the female spies in WWII, specifically Vera Atkins, Virginia Hall, and Noor Inayat Khan. Being a fan of spy movies and loving James Bond, Thomas wanted to create an accurate spy movie about women that didn’t revolve ... Read More »

What happens if your child doesn’t go to college | Forbes

Picture of college graduates throwing their caps in the air. Picture for decorative purposes only.

A 529 savings plans expert, Brian Boswell, explains the reasoning behind the question “what happens if my kid doesn’t go to college?” Boswell claims the most common motives for a parent to ask this question is because they are concerned that they will be penalized for non-qualified withdrawals from the college savings plans, or they don’t want to take the ... Read More »

Iranian businessman imprisoned for buying weapons material from Hudson Valley company | Westfair

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An Iranian man indicted in 2013 has been sentenced to 20 months in prison after plotting to supply weapon materials for Iran’s weapons of mass destruction program. An assistant U.S. attorney commented that Pourghannad knew the materials he had purchased were going to be used for this program and understood how the carbon fiber would be utilized. This is similar ... Read More »

SAF commissions Special Operations Command Centre as commandos celebrate golden jubilee | The Straits Times

For the Singapore Armed Forces’ Special Operations Task Force, a new command centre was commissioned for them to execute counter-terrorism operations in a faster, more lethal and efficient way. In an effort to proactively plan, monitor and manage homeland security incidents in different locations, the Special Operations Command Centre will compile different sources of information from drones and government agencies. ... Read More »

Chinas forces are coming to Pakistan for ‘Warrior-VII joint military exercise | Business Recorder

Under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command, a Chinese military contingent left the garrison of a special forces brigade to attend the China-Pakistan ‘Warrior-VII’ joint military exercise. Being the seventh edition of this serial joint exercise between the two countries’ special forces, the Chinese special forces would arrive by air transport and motorized vehicles, and would stay for the one month ... Read More »