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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Tavor X95: The Updated Israeli Bullpup | The American Rifleman

Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI) first attempt selling a bullpup rifle in American markets, the SAR carbine, was met with...

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Britain may use military special forces from financial experts against Russia – International panorama | The Goa Spotlight

Against Russia, China, and Iran, the United Kingdom can deploy a special Ministry of Defense unit made up of banking experts and former City...

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Professional Development


US Green Berets who’ve trained Taiwanese troops explain how they could fight China and why the US keeps their mission secret | Business Insider

During the first week of October, China sent more than 150 aircraft into Taiwan’s air-defense identification zone. Although this area is not treated as territorial airspace, the transgression was still thought of a provocative move on China’s part. It...

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