Amid beret backlash, the Army’s SFAB soldiers focus on training, deployment | Army Times

It’s been less than three months since social media erupted over the news that soldiers in the Army’s new Security Force Assistance Brigade would receive their own colored beret and patches. But soldiers in the unit are not focused on those uniform items, leaders said. “Here inside the SFAB, honestly, we don’t even talk about it. The headgear, the patches, that’s not what we’re about,” ... Read More »

A light attack aircraft fleet: Could it change the fight or put lives at risk? | Air Force Times

A new light attack aircraft could provide the Air Force a cheaper, more cost-effective way of dealing with low-end threats — and free up its more advanced fighters to deal with more serious adversaries. But some critics fear that sending a slower, more lightly armored, propeller-driven plane into battle — even in relatively permissive environments — could put pilots at risk of being ... Read More »

Source: How Twitter bots affected the US presidential campaign | Fifth Domain

A grand jury led by special counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 13 Russians for, among other things, using social media accounts to influence public debate in the lead-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election. My research has found that large numbers of participants in that online conversation were biased robots created by unseen groups with unknown agendas. Since 2012, I have been ... Read More »

Here’s where troops and military retirees can go for free tax help | Military Times

Military taxpayers can save money in a variety of ways when it comes to tax preparation and filing thanks to expert guidance and free services provided by the Defense Department. Active-duty members, retirees and their dependents are eligible for free, in-person tax preparation services at 139 military Volunteer Income Tax Assistance locations around the world. VITA tax preparers save their clients an average of ... Read More »

Here’s where the Pentagon wants to invest in artificial intelligence in 2019 | C4ISRNET

From Amazon’s Alexa to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly improving and promises to soon transform almost every aspect of life. As data, the lifeblood of AI, increasingly becomes both a tool and a vulnerability on today’s battlefield, the Department of Defense is taking notice. Gen. Robert Ashley, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, recently testified before the Senate ... Read More »


…and there he corrected many abuses and was the first to construct a wall, eighty miles in length, which was to separate the barbarians from the Romans. — Cassius Dio, second-century Roman historian The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it. —Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States ... Read More »

Here’s why those fighter jets are roaring over South Florida | Sun Sentinel

The U.S. Air Force is training to station fighter jets in Fort Lauderdale as part of its mission to protect President Donald Trump when he visits Mar-a-Lago, a spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command said. Low-flying jets roared over South Florida as part of military exercises Wednesday morning, sparking concern and questions on social media. Part of their ... Read More »

Missile Defense Agency asks for $700 million to bolster hypersonic defense | C4ISRNET

While ballistic and homeland missile defense have grabbed the headlines in recent months due to the growing threat from North Korea, leaders from the Missile Defense Agency outlined Feb. 12 how the Department of Defense is preparing for future threats that could challenges the current ballistic missile defense system. Specifically, Pentagon leaders are increasingly worried about hypersonic threats. “The key challenge to U.S. ... Read More »

No guaranteed ‘golden hour’ for Marines headed into the next big fight | Marine Corps Times

A lifesaving Defense Department policy that whisks wounded troops off the battlefield to lifesaving care within the first hour of injury is a luxury Marines may not have headed into the next big fight. The policy is credited with a near 98 percent survival rate, Rear Adm. Colin G. Chinn, Joint Staff surgeon, told audience members at a Navy medical symposium held ... Read More »