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US Special Operations awards contract modification to Lockheed Martin for special mission aircraft | Defence Blog

The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded Lockheed martin with a modification contract in regard to the C-130, as well as engineering systems and support activities. The work has a completion date of 2024 and is designed specifically for the special operation forces. Advanced SOF C-130 is designed to provide concentrated intelligence gathering and reconnaissance. USSOCOM Headquarters in Tampa, Florida ... Read More »

Multi Domain Drives NATO industry to craft new air power interoperability | Breaking Defense

The NATO Industry Advisory Group has been preparing answers to how they can keep effective communication between ground troops, tankers, aircrafts, and surveillance and reconnaissance platforms. Advice from all NATO member states are being compiled to create a plan for a new system and method to achieve this goal. The mission is to design a system that was made for ... Read More »

Elon Musk reveals why Cybertruck window smashed | BBC

Elon Musk announced the cause behind the Cybertruck’s supposedly bullet-proof window smash when a metal ball was thrown at it. Prior to throwing the metal ball at the windows, the door was first struck with a sledgehammer in order to demonstrate the tough exterior. Musk claims this led to a small crack forming on the window, causing it to fail ... Read More »

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple offer defense in congressional antitrust probe | Reuters

As part of its antitrust probe of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee sent queries to the top tech. companies. Due to privacy lapses and allegations, these companies have seen their reputations tarnished, and were very quick to not answer and to defend their practices. Many questions were not answered. When some were answered or ... Read More »

Tesla cybertruck electrifies the truck segment | CNET

Picture of a Tesla store front. Picture for decorative purposes only.

The newly released Cybertruck is marketed with a 0 to 60 time of 2.9 seconds. While the truck falls within the average pickup truck size range, Elon Musk claims it is built for speed as well as off-road use, boasting a 35-degree approach angle and 16 inches of ground clearance. Distance ranges offered will range from 250 miles all the ... Read More »

US Vice President to Boeing, SpaceX: You’ve got until the spring | Aljazeera

A launch of a SpaceX Falcon

United States Vice President, Mike Pence, announced that the private aerospace companies that are tasked with providing NASA astronauts their ride to space have four months before the transport operations are underway. This was released at the same time as a report from NASA depicting massive delays and unnecessary costs. Pence claims that the U.S. is getting back in the ... Read More »

Navy weapons station full of WWII-era ammunition bunkers could be transformed into 13,000 new homes in the Bay Area | Business Insider

Picture of Hunter Points Shipyard

An extreme housing shortage in San Francisco has led developers to look to WWII era bunkers as new housing options. Development company Lennar has been working to create 12,000 new homes in the Hunters Point Shipyard by converting the bunkers into homes. The company is now looking at a previous naval weapons station in Concord, where they could create a ... Read More »

Bloodhound goes faster still at 491mph | BBC

Picture of the Bloodhound cockpit.

Andy Green has pushed the Bloodhound to new limits and reached 491mph in the Hakskeen Pan of South Africa. The Bloodhound, a racecar that resembles more like a rocket than a drivable land vehicle, has been pushing to break the land-speed record of 763mph. Currently the vehicle is running on a Eurofighter EJ200 jet engine, but it will upgrade to ... Read More »

Peloton spent $47.4 million on a company that makes its bike, tackling one of its biggest risks | Business Insider

Peloton; picture of a bike race. Hundreds of people on bikes with colorful helmets and bikes.

Earlier this year, Peloton became a publicly listed company, and has recently filed its first quarterly results. Shareholders were informed on huge accomplishments, the biggest being the $47.4 million acquisition on Tonic Fitness Technology. The Taiwan company is one of Peloton’s biggest manufacturing partners. Having control of this supply chain alleviates much risk moving forward, such as delays, shortages of ... Read More »

New police tool wraps cord around body to subdue suspect | Live 5 WCSC

A picture of police in black uniforms standing in a street on guard.

Law enforcement agencies in Charleston, South Carolina have been testing out a new tool called the BolaWrap. The designing company said the device was created with the consideration for mentally ill and confused people. “A way that was more humane and a different approach to control their movement so that officers didn’t have to hurt them in order to get ... Read More »