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COVID-19 concerns: The money machine of college football | Forbes

One of the ways that large universities maintain their budget and operating costs is through sports. With the coronavirus cancelling sporting events across the globe, some colleges just lost a massive form of income. For example, a recent report stated that cancelling the Men’s Division I basketball tournament in March, known as March Madness, cost the NCAA $375 million. What ... Read More »

Lockdown and loaded: coronavirus triggers video game boost | BBC News

Video game companies have been experiencing a rise in use and sales since the lockdown was implemented due to the coronavirus. The gaming industry has hit record high sales this past month as more people look to inside means of entertainment. Activision Blizzard, the company that created the CoD series, has reported having more than 60 million players since the ... Read More »

COVID-19 wallops meat plant workers; shortages hit shelves, fast food | ARS Technica

Meat packing and processing plants have become a hotspot for the coronavirus this past month. Many workers had been laid off, and now plants have been closing all across the country. So far researchers have identified at least 4,913 sickened workers and at least 20 deaths. On Tuesday, Iowa officials announced that there were at least 1,653 cases from four ... Read More »

Cannabis in high demand amid coronavirus pandemic | DW News

Marijuana sales in the U.S. spiked during the month of March, with sale growth hitting 64%. This is the highest increase in sales since the beginning of 2019. Some buyers began to stock up in case the shops had to close down due to the coronavirus, leaving sales to currently fall back down. In April however, many states declared marijuana ... Read More »

Treasury announces record borrowing of $2.99 trillion | VOA News

The Treasury Department has announced that they will need to borrow $2.99 trillion in order to cover the costs of coronavirus relief efforts between April and June. They have commented that the nearly three trillion dollars would go to programs such as Paycheck Protection Program, direct electronic payments, and for small business relief. It will also help cover the delayed ... Read More »

US factory output plunged to the lowest level on record dating back to 1948 in April as coronavirus spread | Business Insider

The coronavirus pandemic has caused record-low output levels from U.S. factories that reaches back to 1948. The ISM production index has fallen over 20 points in April, and delivery times have been on the rise. As more facilities begin to close delivery time will continue to rise, as well as layoffs. The employment index is also at the lowest it ... Read More »

Animals could become living hubs for battlefield communications | Popular Mechanics

When many people think about animals in the military, usually a German Shepard or Belgian Malinois wearing a vest alongside an operator comes to mind. The Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Network Innovation and Experimentation has released a proposal that would focus on using dogs and birds to boost communications signals. These animals would have a small electronic device attached ... Read More »

US food supply strained even as farmers keep producing | VOA News

Tina Hinchley runs a farm near Cambridge, Wisconsin where hundreds of milk cows reside. Normally 90% of the milk in demand that comes from the Hinchley farm is used to make cheese. However, the coronavirus has put a halt to this, and now 70% of that milk is no longer needed for cheese due to the schools and restaurants being ... Read More »

The Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Certification Plan includes continuously monitoring contractors | NextGov

The Defense Department’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program has called for a proposal that stops military contractors from self-certifying themselves when it comes to cybersecurity. Those who do business with the Department of Defense will now have to get a certificate from third-party auditors that is good for up to three years.  “The CMMC-AB is issuing this request for proposal to ... Read More »

Court decides Pentagon can reevaluate parts of JEDI procurement | Federal Times

Despite opposition from Amazon, the courts have ruled that the Department of Defense will be able to reconsider certain technical issues within the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract award. Amazon argued against this, as they lost to Microsoft and claim that this preserves their award. Spokesperson Lt. Col. Robert Carver from the DOD has noted that they are excited and ... Read More »