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NSA Launches Cybersecurity Arm To Defend The U.S. From Foreign Adversaries | Forbes

The National Security Agency (NSA) has announced its intention to create a cybersecurity directorate this fall in a bid to defend the U.S. against foreign adversaries. It comes at a time of increasing election interference by foreign nations such as Russia as part of an ongoing strategy to destabilize the West. According to the Wall Street Journal, the move forms ... Read More »

Using Commercial Satellites To Control Nuclear Weapons Is A Bad Idea — But It’s Being Discussed |  Forbes

Next month marks the 70th anniversary of the day in 1949 when U.S. intelligence discovered the Soviet Union had conducted its first successful test of a nuclear weapon. From that day forward, most Americans have understood that nuclear war would likely be the worst fate that could ever befall our republic. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the ... Read More »

‘You prepare for war’: how one U.S. firm tried escaping Trump’s China tariffs | Rueters

The 70-year-old had spent half his life building supply chains in southern China to produce goods for big-box U.S. retailers. But he had never reshuffled one on short notice, with tariffs hanging over his head. “It is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in all my 30 years in the business,” said Sloven, president of Capstone International HK ... Read More »

HR Lessons Of The U.S. Army’s Special Operations Forces | Chief Executive

CEOs may not have the time and resources that the military has when it comes to recruiting and retaining high performers, but Lieutenant General (Ret.) Frank Kearney says there are lessons to be learned for business executives. Kearney has more than 35 years of insider knowledge into how the U.S. Army’s elite special operations forces identify, recruit, motivate and retain ... Read More »

Make ‘rules of ranging’ your rules for business: Part 3 | The Epoch Times

In 1757, in the middle of the French and Indian War, Maj. Robert Rogers composed a list of 28 rules intended to serve as operational guidelines for his legendary and groundbreaking light infantry force, the original special operations unit known as “Rogers’ Rangers.” These “Rules of Ranging” were a hybrid combination of Native American combat techniques and his own blend ... Read More »

Final hypersonic missile contract awards imminent as US Army preps to shoot one in FY21 |  Defense News

The U.S. Army is just weeks away from awarding the final contracts related to the development of its mobile, ground-launched hypersonic missile. The Army will award a contract within the next three weeks to a company to develop a launching system for the hypersonic missile in co-development across the services, Lt. Gen. L. Neil Thurgood, the service’s Rapid Capabilities and ... Read More »

General Dynamics CEO ‘alarmed’ by tech industry reaction to Pentagon |  Defense News

General Dynamics head Phebe Novakovic this week said she was “alarmed” by members of Silicon Valley who refuse to work with the Pentagon, in perhaps the most pointed comments from a defense company CEO toward colleagues in the tech community. Asked at a Tuesday event hosted by the Boston College Chief Executives Club, Novakovic was asked whether she felt big ... Read More »

15-Marine rifle squad: An exclusive look inside the future infantry | Marine Corps Times

When Sgt. Cameron Brower heads out on his next deployment later this year, he’ll operate in a kind of rifle squad that top Marine leaders see as the future of the Corps’ core unit and a way to bring new technologies and capabilities to bear at the lowest tactical levels of warfighting. Brower, with 2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon, Echo Company, ... Read More »

Sarcos Robotics Appoints Jim Miller, Retired U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel, as Vice President of Defense Solutions | Yahoo Finance

Today, Sarcos® Robotics, a global leader in the production of robots that augment humans to enhance productivity and safety, including full-body, powered exoskeletons for industrial and military applications, announced the appointment of Jim Miller, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel, as Vice President, Defense Solutions. This appointment comes amid increased traction for Sarcos’ products—particularly its full-body, powered exoskeleton technologies—across ... Read More »

Army halts boat auctions, suspends plans for getting rid of maritime fleet | Stars and Stripes

The Army’s plan to shutter its watercraft units and auction off boats has been delayed until a study ordered by House lawmakers of the proposal has been completed. Army spokesman Matt Leonard confirmed Monday that the service “decided to suspend watercraft transformation while we evaluate the overall watercraft requirements needed to support of the National Defense Strategy.” The study of ... Read More »