Army looks to replace the Squad Automatic Weapon| ArmyTimes

The Army is looking for a replacement for its Squad Automatic Weapon. Army officials posted the special notice on the Federal Business Opportunities website on May 31, seeking contractor submissions for a classified industry days event on July 25-27 at the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, Georgia. Dubbed the “Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle,” the new rifle would replace the ... Read More »

Government rejects Glock protest; Army’s new handgun will be a Sig Sauer | ArmyTimes

The Government Accountability Office has denied a protest from firearms manufacturer Glock that sought to have the government reconsider its award of a 10-year, $580 million contract for the Army’s new handgun to a competitor. Glock filed the protest in February after the Army announced in January that it would award the Modular Handgun Contract to Sig Sauer for the ... Read More »

Army to Gunmakers: Show Us a New 7.62mm Service Rifle |

U.S. Army weapons officials have launched a survey to see what gunmakers can offer for an off-the-shelf 7.62mm Interim Combat Service Rifle. The May 31 request for information, known in acquisition parlance as an RFI, on behalf of Product Manager Individual Weapons, is an attempt to “identify sources for a combat rifle system” and determine the potential cost and lead ... Read More »

Three Rifles That Could Replace the Army’s M4A1 Carbine | Popular Mechanics

In new comments to the Senate Armed Services Committee, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Mark Milleyhas said the Army is “taking a hard look” at a new German assault rifle and other designs to replace its existing weapons. The M4A1 carbine is currently issued to U.S. Army combat troops worldwide. A descendant of the original M16 rifle, the M4A1 has ... Read More »

The 240-Year Evolution of the Army Sidearm | Popular Mechanics

In late January of this year, the U.S. Army selected a new pistol to replace the Beretta M9, a gun that’s served the Armed Forces for 30 years. But like every weapon in the U.S.’s arsenal, the Army pistol has gone through a slow evolution, from slow-loading flintlocks that helped create a country to polymer-framed, semi-automatic pistols used in conflicts ... Read More »

Small business, small drone – $100 billion defense market opportunity | Fox Business

The annual four-day Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) – a collaboration between U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and the National Defense Industry Association – gives companies large and small the chance to get their innovations in front of US Special Operations. Held this week in Florida, more than 400 companies from around the states, and the world, showed up ... Read More »

Chief: The Army has developed a bullet that penetrates 5.56 mm-resistant body armor | ArmyTimes

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told senators Thursday that the Army has developed a round that can penetrate 5.56 mm-resistant body armor. During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the Army’s budget request, Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, asked Milley how the Army was doing in developing a new rifle to replace the M4 and a more powerful round to replace the ... Read More »

Study looks at ongoing Army, Marine efforts to lighten body armor, troop load | ArmyTimes

The Army and Marine Corps continue to work together to try and reduce the weight of troops’ body armor, according to a recent government study. The study by the Government Accountability Office noted joint efforts to reduce the weight of body armor and listed multiple options in the works to further decrease the load. The report, released this month, evaluated work done ... Read More »

Army Kills Contract for Shoulder-Fired Airburst Weapon |

U.S. Army‘s senior leadership has ended an agreement with Orbital ATK Inc. that spanned two decades over the XM25 25mm airburst weapon, a move that could put the troubled weapon system’s future into jeopardy. The service’s XM25 Counter-Defilade Target Engagement System is a semi-automatic, shoulder-fired weapon that fires 25mm high-explosive, air-bursting ammunition. Nicknamed “the Punisher” and designed by Orbital ATK ... Read More »

New rifle, bigger bullets: Inside the Army’s plan to ditch the M4 and 5.56 | ArmyTimes

After carrying the M16 or one of its cousins across the globe for more than half a century, soldiers could get a peek at a new prototype assault rifle that fires a larger round by 2020. Army researchers are testing half a dozen ammunition variants in “intermediate calibers,” which falls between the current 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm rounds, to ... Read More »