The Crossroads of Special Operations

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

About Us

The Company

SOFX stands for The Special Operations Forces Network. SOFX is a media-based information technology company organized as a socio- industrial network.

SOFX was founded in 2013 by former Navy SEAL, Sam Havelock., a career Naval and Marine Corps officer, technologist, and SOCOM program manager.​

Havelock commanded numerous operational units across a variety of echelons of SOF, including the battalion level. ​

SOFX has an advisory board and steering committee that includes a number of top ranking former SOF Flag Officers, Senior Executive Service members, and retired SOF industry leaders. ​

Our Mission

SOFX Mission Statement:​

Fight Evil.  Avert Suffering. At Scale. 

Our mission is to provide information and connectivity of extreme value to special operators and a global network of high influence people, so that evil may be defeated and suffering averted at scale.

Military and Industry Advisory Board

  • Adm. Eric Olson (Ret): 4-Star, Former CDR, U.S. Special Operations Command​
  • Mr. James W. Cluck: Former CIO & Acquisition Director of USSOCOM​
  • J.J. Marie, Founder & Former CEO of Zodiac Boats

Praise for SOFX

“Content is key when reaching your target audience. The content that SOFX supplies to its subscribers is robust and relevant, making it an excellent platform to advertise. We have been very pleased with the reach, responsiveness, and response to our placement in the SOFX newsletter as an enterprise member.”                 

–Addie Ventris, Marketing Director for Tactical Electronics