Niger Coup Fast Facts by SOFX

In a surprising turn of events, Niger has been rocked by a military coup led by the National Council for ...

Valor in Action: The Tale of Edward C. Byers Jr. and Nicolas Checque’s Daring Rescue Mission

On December 5, 2012, Dr. Dilip Joseph, an aid worker dedicated to training health-care providers in villages near Kabul, found ...

Harry Beal, America’s first Navy SEAL

Harry Beal, the first Navy SEAL, passed away in 2021 at 90 years old, leaving behind a legacy of courage, ...

Gen. Stanley McChrystal – A Strategic Mind and an Unconventional Leader

Gen. Stanley McChrystal is a name that resonates with a military career spanning 34 years. Commissioned in the Army in ...

North Dakota Joins Growing List of States to Exempt Military Pay from State Income Taxes

In a move designed to support military families and attract more service members to the state, North Dakota Governor Doug ...

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