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Army’s do-it-all goggles to reach soldiers’ hands in 2021 | Defense News

A field testing on the Integrated Visual Augmentation System will happen in Fort Pickett, Virginia. The multi-functional goggle will see its first ruggedized test followed by the distribution of 40,000 devices across the service. Some of its features are it can monitor the state of the soldier, including hydration, fatigue, stress, and temperature. Another feature is a Solder Borne Sensor, a micro-drone controlled with IVAS. ... Read More »

U.S. air strikes target Taliban fighters advancing on key Afghan city | Reuters

Over the last two days, hundreds of Taliban fighters have been swarming security checkpoints and attacking Afghan security forces in the Helmand province. After they took over several military bases, the United States launched an air strike against the militants in order to help Afghan forces reclaim the area. The fighting between the Taliban and Afghanistan has continued despite peace ... Read More »

Nigerian troops rescue 26 hostages from armed bandits | AA News

After raiding cities, armed bandits took 26 people hostages, seven of them being women. The Nigerian troops quickly showed up and managed to rescue the hostages. The reason for the hostages being taken are still unclear. However, during the raids twelve people were killed and more were left injured. The armed bandits opened fire in a village before taking survivors. ... Read More »

Belgian army evaluates Jankel LTTV light truck for Special Operations and Para-Cdo units | Army Recognition

Jankel has been a manufacturer of the Belgian Special Operations Group for Fox RRV (Rapid Reaction Vehicle). Now, they have secured a second prestigious contract to supply a new fleet of specialist tactical vehicles, under the LTTV Light Troop Transport Vehicles program. They are evaluating Prototype 0 of the British Jankel LTTV (Light Troop Transport Vehicle) that will be delivered in ... Read More »

Kim Jong Un just showed the world the war machine he built while feinting diplomacy | The Drive

North Korea celebrated its 75th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea with their first publicized military parade. It came by surprise a massive and new intercontinental ballistic missile rolled through Kim II Sung Square. Another unveil was a wheeled armored vehicle that appears to feature an eight-round loitering munition launcher and an 8×8 wheeled mobile gun system. North Korea ... Read More »

MK 19 grenade launcher: The special operations weapon you probably haven’t heard of | National Interest

The MK19 grenade launcher was introduced during the Vietnam war. It can fire 40-millimeter grenades up to 1,500 meters. These can punch through three inches of steel and is best used against dismounted infantry and lightly armored vehicles. The Mk19 is most used on vehicle mounts due to its weight. Though it has low recoil, Mk19 weighs over seventy-seven pounds ... Read More »