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Defence in a new decade: NATO prepares for new threats | Army Technology

“Our adversaries are striking from the shadows. They are pursuing new tactics to divide and destabilize. Exploiting new technologies to exacerbate the uncertainties of an uncertain world and undermine our way of life,” commented UK defence secretary Ben Wallace at the NATO Engages in London. The NATO alliance has withstood the test of time for the past 70 years, and ... Read More »

Ex-intelligence official pleads to leaking Top Secret info | Washington Times

Henry Kyle Frese has pleaded guilty to leaking classified information to two journalist. A former counterterrorism analyst, Frese was also dating one of the contacts when he shared the info. He pleaded guilty to the charges of illegally transmitting national defense information. The information Frese shared was in regard to foreign nations’ weapon systems throughout 2018 and 2019. Source: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/feb/20/ex-intelligence-official Read More »

Zuma, Dlomo turned SSA special ops into ‘parallel’ intelligence, security unit | Times Live

An SSA member testified at the state capture earlier this week to the actions of former President Jacob Zuma and Mr. Thulani Dlomo. Going by ‘Mr. Y,’ the SSA member claimed Dlomo turned the SSA into a personal protection unit for the former president and his allies. During this time over 200 recruits were pulled from KwaZulu-Natal before receiving intelligence ... Read More »

New joint special forces training centre in Europe | Overt Defense

Poland’s Ministry of Defence has announced the plans to build a new joint special forces training center for all of their special forces’ branches. The center will be located in Lubliniec, Poland, and U.S. instructors have offered to help design the complex. Up until the announcement members only had training opportunities within their unit, and each group had a different ... Read More »

India, UK begin Ajeya Warrior joint counter-terror Army exercises | Economic Times

Exercise Ajeya Warrior 2020 began last week for British and Indian armed forces. A joint counter-terror exercise, the two countries are aiming to learn from each other’s personal experience and increase collaboration. “Exercise Ajeya Warrior 2020 can be termed as the shining example of long-standing strategic ties between India and United Kingdom,” commented India’s defense ministry. Drills and operations will ... Read More »

Afghanistan’s presidential election: Ashraf Ghani declared winner | Al Jazeera

Ashraf Ghani has been declared the winner of the presidential election in Afghanistan amongst threats from his rival. After the Independent Election Commission announced that Ghani had received 50.64% of the votes, Chief Executive Abdullah pledged to form his own government. “Our team, based on clean and biometric votes, is the victor and we declare our victory. The fraudsters are the ... Read More »

Take a rare look inside an Army Ranger Armory somewhere in Afghanistan | The Drive

The U.S. military’s Defense Visual Information Distribution Service has a new section of photos taken by the 75th Ranger Regiment. These images were taken almost a year ago in an undisclosed location in Afghanistan. A caption accompanying the pictures states “U.S. special operations service members conduct combat operations in support of Operation Resolute Support in Afghanistan, February 2019. RS is ... Read More »

Artificial intelligence helps Voice of America translate broadcasts worldwide | Federal News Network

Abstract image of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Voice of America uses an artificial intelligence tool specifically designed to translate their script into different languages. Jim Tunnessen, VOA chief information and digital officer, says IPSUM currently translates almost 1,800 hours worth of information a week into 47 different languages. During the testing and designing process, five products were tested on their abilities with native speakers from each language. ... Read More »

Here’s how to prevent injury and amp-up durability for Special Operations selection | Military.com

SOF and advanced police selection programs see a wide variety of candidates, from Olympic and pro level sports players to the average person. No matter what your background is, everyone is prone to injury during these grueling courses. Preventing injury while you prepare for selection will allow you to get the most out of your training. First, actively seek recovery ... Read More »

Denmark took a mountain of trash and made a ski hill | Outside Online

A revolutionary ski slope was built on top of a 462,848-square-foot waste-to-energy plant within the city of Copenhagen. Reaching 279 feet in the air, the slope is made out of a synthetic “dry skiing” surface known as Neveplast. A previous Olympic athlete, Chemmy Alcott, says the slick surface feels faster than snow. There are other activities on the giant slope, ... Read More »

Iran-backed group launches attack near small garrison in Syria housing American special operators | Military Times

Maghaweir al-Thowra tweeted on Sunday that an Iranian-backed group launched an airstrike into a neutral zone. The anti-ISIS group claims they held off the attack and called the attacking group “rogue Iranian proxy.” There are also reports that Russian warplanes were conducting airstrikes on the rogue group just outside the deconfliction zone. Officials have not commented on the presence of ... Read More »

Russian secret service played ‘central role’ in Berlin murder, say media reports | Yahoo Finance

In August, a Georgian exile was shot while at a park in Berlin. Numerous media sources have now reported that Russia’s Federal Security Service was involved in the murder. The suspected assassin, Vadim Krasikov, was a previous Chechen rebel commander and had been in contact with former members associated with the FSB spetsnaz (special) forces months before the murder took ... Read More »

Remembering the Silent and Unseen: commemorations mark 79th anniversary of first operation by fearless wartime fighters | The First News

Poland’s elite special forces unit is celebrating the 79th anniversary of their first combat jump. The Cichociemni jumped into Nazi-occupied Poland on February 15-16 in 1941 to defend their homeland. They trained in Britain before 316 soldiers jumped into the country throughout 1941 and 1944, including one female, Elżbieta Zawacka “Zo.” The last surviving Cichociemni, Major Aleksander Tarnawski, was unable ... Read More »

U.S. labels China ‘greatest potential adversary’ | VOA News

Picture of US Defense Secretary Dr. Mark Esper

U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has announced that China poses the biggest threat to the West, with Russia coming in second place. “In fact, under President Xi’s rule, the Chinese Communist Party is heading even faster and further in the wrong direction,” he commented at the Munich Security Conference in Germany. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also followed suit ... Read More »