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Forbes announces inaugural Next 1000 Initiative to spotlight and accelerate rising entrepreneurs forging the path forward to redefine the American dream | Forbes

This project is being called Forbes1000. Forbes is planning to find people who are truly the example of the American dream. It will consist of those from different backgrounds and walks of life and will especially focus on those who have overcome adversity. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbespr/2020/07/29/forbes-announces-inaugural-next-1000-initiative-to-spotlight-and-accelerate-rising-entrepreneurs-forging-the-path-forward-to-redefine-the-american-dream/#23c8429d74a6 Read More »

Cost of 401k investing continues dramatic decline | 401k Specialist

New data from the Investment Company Institute is showing that the cost of investing in a 401k is going down. Those with equity and hybrid mutual funds also saw this fall last year in 2019. This recent data shows a healthy environment for investing with a competitive marketplace. Source: https://401kspecialistmag.com/cost-of-401k-investing-continues-dramatic-decline/ Read More »

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard stages mock attack on aircraft carrier as US bases go on ballistic missile alert | ABC News

United States bases have been on high alert after Iran held drills and mock attacks on an aircraft carrier. These drills consisted of using heavy ballistic missile fire. The replica looks almost identical to the kind the U.S. uses to sail into the Persian Gulf. Satellite images showed a lot of damage was done to the replicas and many of ... Read More »

Veteran U.S. diplomat Richardson fails to secure release of Americans jailed in Venezuela | Nasdaq

Veteran U.S. Diplomat Richardson met with the Venezuelan President to discuss the release of many American prisoners being held at Venezuelan prisons. His sole trip to the country was a mission to get the prisoners freed. However, the President did not comply. Some of the prisoners include Green Berets and special operation soldiers that were arrested after a failed attempt ... Read More »

Special Forces offers a peek behind the curtain at the spooky side of their job | Connecting Vets Radio

Special Operations Forces is often known for their Navy SEALs or their Green Berets going into intense missions in the Middle East. However, there is more to it. Some soldiers are being trained on collecting forensic information and working with intelligence. Many go and get this knowledge at a place called JFK Special Warfare Center, which offers several courses. Source: ... Read More »

Election race heats up as Tundu Lissu returns to Tanzania | Aljazeera

He is returning to Tanzania to take on the current president in the upcoming election. In 2017, he was shot over 16 times after someone attempted to assassinate him. Since then he has been on a self-imposed exile in Belgium. The men who attacked him are still at large but this is not stopping Lissu. Source: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/07/election-race-heats-tundu-lissu-returns-tanzania-200728061433202.html Read More »

The Marine Corps is officially getting an exoskeleton to haul heavy crap like Ripley in ‘Aliens’ | Task & Purpose

A super cool looking exoskeleton will help Marines say goodbye to the days of hustling and balancing heavy equipment while traveling. It can lift up to 200 pounds for 6 hours and is rechargeable. Salt Lake City-based Sarcos Defense has been awarded a contract to make this happen by the end of 2020. Currently, other branches of the military are ... Read More »

Israel increases training via virtual battlefield center amid Hezbollah tensions | Defense News

In order to prepare for what might come, Israeli forces are completing several exercises with a new brigade and Battlegroup Mission Training Center. Some of the exercises are taking place online to ensure that those participating still can complete their current job. The exercises expose soldiers to a wide range of battlefield scenarios that could potentially happen. Source: https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2020/07/27/israel-increases-training-via-virtual-battlefield-center-amid-hezbollah-tensions/ Read More »

5 Taliban bomb experts killed during airstrikes in Afghanistan | Xinhua Net

On that same day five Taliban soldiers responsible for planting IEDs were killed during an airstrike by the Afghan Air Force. The Taliban was planting these devices with the intention of killing innocent civilians and security force members. Their IEDs consist of homemade bombs that are still very lethal and dangerous. Source: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-07/27/c_139244202.htm Read More »