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Yesterday we aggregated and summarized a May 20th Task & Purpose article entitled “Harley riding, tequila-drinking Navy SEAL nominated to oversee special operations at the Pentagon.” This was a mistake on many levels. I take full responsibility and I wish to publicly apologize to Lou Bremer. First: The Task & Purpose article was nothing more than what we call “article ... Read More »

U.S. tussles with France, U.N. over counterterrorism efforts in West Africa | Foreign Policy

For the past three years the Trump administration has questioned the peacekeeping and counterterrorism mission in West Africa. The mission has been led by France and the U.N, but Trump believes an American should be in charge of the work in Mali. This has fueled suspicion that the U.S. is looking to expand their control in Africa while simultaneously slowing ... Read More »

Tillis keys in on Fort Bragg airfields after audit calls them ‘poorest infrastructure’ in Army | Fayetteville Observer

In 2016 Senator Thom Tillis advocated for an expansion of Pope Field’s runway, which had not been extended since 1972. A recent Army audit report has stated that Fort Bragg’s airfields are “the poorest infrastructure in the Army.” Tillis is now seeking answers as to the readiness of Fort Bragg and the condition of the airfields. Tillis sits on the ... Read More »

Corpus Christi Naval base shooter believed to have expressed support for terrorist groups online | Click 2 Houston

A security guard at the entrance to Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas was shot in the chest by an assailant on Thursday. His bullet proof vest was hit, and he has sustained nonlife-threatening injuries. The shooter was a 20-year-old man named Adam Alsahli, who then crashed his car into the gate barrier before getting out of his vehicle ... Read More »

Naval Academy pushes back Induction Day and start of Plebe Summer | Capital Gazette

The incoming Plebes at the Naval Academy are expecting a different Induction Ceremony then what has happened in the past. Normally filled with haircuts, basic training and goodbye’s, plebes will have to wait as extra sanitizing and social distancing measures are being implemented, and rather all of them joining together on June 25th the Induction has been spread out between ... Read More »

Learning in the South China Sea: The U.S. response to the West Capella Standoff | War on the Rocks

Malaysian oil exploration in the South China Sea soon sparked five nations to rush to area in April, including Malaysia, Vietnam, China, the U.S., and Australia. However, the U.S. Navy Expeditionary Strike Group left after just a few days, leading some to believe their response was insufficient. Their concern was that this move emboldened China to continue increased patrols and ... Read More »

Carlos Ghosn: US ex-Green Beret and son arrested over escape from Japan | BBC News

Former Green Beret Michael Taylor and his son Peter were detained on Wednesday in Massachusetts after being on the run since Japan issued a warrant for their arrest in January. They are accused of aiding ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn escape house arrest while in Japan last year, after he was detained on charges of financial misconduct in 2018. The details ... Read More »

Findings from Afghanistan war crimes investigation will cause ‘distress’ for some elite soldiers, judge warns | ABC News

After the Killing of Afghan children and men, who were unarmed, the Australian Defense Force (IGDAF) have had to sort through the aftermath of the potential war crimes. One obstacle that they might have to face, warns New South Wales Justice Paul Brereton, is mental health. A secretive probe was conducted and is predicted to directly impact the mental health of many soldiers who were involved according ... Read More »

‘Not Reality’ Ant Middleton’s SAS: Who Dares Wins bears no resemblance to real training says Special Air Service legend Rusty Firmin | The Sun UK

The show is meant to put contestant through obstacles meant to resemble what Special Air training is like. However, according to Rusty Firmin, a famous Airmen, the show falls short.  In an interview with The South and North Divine Podcast, he explains that much of the show has to do with water- and lacked the diversity of mountains and other things that airmen had to go through. ... Read More »

Singapore sentences man to death via zoom | VOA News

The Singapore Supreme Court handed down the death sentence to a man over a Zoom video call due to the coronavirus lockdown measures. The accused is a 37-year-old Malaysian man who will be hanged to death for a heroine deal that went down in 2011. The man was sentenced via the video call while in jail, and other participants were ... Read More »