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741741 — To be seen | Seth’s Blog 

black and white image of someone texting on a phone

The Crisis Text Line was created out of a natural out reach that started coming through text message to the CEO of Dosomething.org. Thousands of trained volunteers in the US (741741), Canada (686868) and the UK (85258) are fielding millions of text messages from people who need to be seen and heard. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they’ve saved ... Read More »

Exclusive interview with Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher as Trump poised to intervene in case | Fox News

tv camera set for an interview

Gallagher was interviewed with three fellow special forces operators, former U.S. Army Ranger Mat Best, retired Green Beret Scott Mann, and the former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, who is credited with killing Osama bin Laden.  All four veterans had been on similar raids and provide fresh insight into how it all went down. “There guys to a man emphasize that the culture inside special operations ... Read More »

Military warns of Iranian hackers targeting American troops with fake jobs website | Stars and Stripes

Man in a dark room with several computers

“Hire Military Heroes,” appears to offer assistance in finding a job outside the Defense Department by downloading an application, however, it is actually malicious malware and spyware according to the guard’s Defensive Cyber Operations office.  They believe the Iranian hackers are trying to gain access to Pentagon information technology systems by targeting service members considering a transition back to civilian ... Read More »

Grey Berets are being considered for PSYOP soldiers in special units | Army Times

US Army Psyop passing out newspaper in Iraq

The psychological operations soldiers in the Army Special Operations Command could be issued a new grey beret. While the idea is still up in the air, the prospective headgear was teased on Facebook by 1st Special Warfare Training Group’s 5th Battalion. A picture containing a blurred grey beret and a UH-60 Black Hawk was posted with the comment “to generate discussion on ... Read More »

Meet the SOBR: Russia’s Super Special Forces Unit | The National Interest

Russian Special Forces Soldiers

While the FSB’s Alpha unit is widely recognized for their work in the Beslan hostage crisis and the 1993 constitutional disaster, they don’t handle the majority of counterterrorism in Russia. This falls to the SOBR, who deal with varying threats throughout the country in their prospective regions. When originally formed, the SOBR teams were known as OMON, which stands for ... Read More »

Why Did The U.S. Cyberattack Iran’s Propaganda Operations? | Forbes

Decorative photo of code on a screen

Anonymous sources reported that the U.S. conducted a cyberattack against Iran as a follow-up the Iran’s alleged attack against Saudi oil compounds. These cyberattacks were supposed to interfere with Tehran’s capability to circulate propaganda. Officials are becoming uneasy in relations to possible cyberattacks in the upcoming election. Other countries such as China and Iran could be learning from the Russian ... Read More »

How to Win an Asymmetric War in the Era of Special Forces | National Interest

Picture of marines

The U.S. Army Special Operations Forces are the key to fighting competition such as China and Russia. These specially trained units host more than just counterterrorism by offering knowledge to officials. This can be used to help avoid armed conflict and fight by molding partners and rivals with support and dissuading procedures. Recent writing and reports have highlighted the operations ... Read More »

With the US and China, Two Types of Capitalism Are Competing With Each Other | ProMarket

China and American flag

Capitalism lives in two main forms on different sides of our world, a Western people-led liberal capitalism and a China/Russia guided form led by the state. Throughout the past, countries had to live and cooperate with each other while they had different methods of production. While capitalism shared the world with communism after the Russian Revolution, only very small areas ... Read More »

A strike on radical Islamic ideology as important as a military air strike on a terror base | Oneindia News

Picture of damage from Pulwama attack

Recent developments have cast concerns with Pakistan and their attempt to put more terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. JeM terrorists have conducted numerous lethal strikes in recent years. The threat brought on from intel regarding the training of at least 40 new suicide bombers has been noticed by CT agencies in the surrounding areas. The reasons behind suicide bombings and ... Read More »

SOCOM Is Eyeing ‘True Color’ Night Vision For Operators | Task & Purpose

A night vision image of a soldier from the Duke of Wellington's Regiment taking up a fire position ready to start Operations Gray Wolf near Sharkarta, Iraq in 2005.

A request for information by SOCOM showed details about emerging technology testing fixated on improving the traditional night vision used by special forces. This new tech is known as true color night vision and fused imagery sensors. The new system is designed to allow soldiers to see in full color in the dark rather than the green colored images currently ... Read More »

Royal Marines to embrace original WW2 commando role as they relaunch with new weapons – UK News | Express 

Royal Marines

The Royal Marines are pursuing a change to pull them away from the typical army and go back to their origin with smaller units and specialized equipment. They are also seeking to assimilate new technology such as UAV into their fighting tactics. A new uniform with a different pattern will be issued and is distinct to the Royal Marines. They ... Read More »

Esper to urge Trump not to intervene in SEAL case and service members facing war crimes allegations | CNN

Picture of US Defense Secretary Dr. Mark Esper

Trump has ordered a review of charges against Army Lt. Clint Lorance and Army Green Beret Maj. Matt Golsteyn, and is considering restoring the rank of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, according to a Monday report on “Fox & Friends,”. With Veterans Day approaching, Fox News reported that the president could make an announcement about the three men within a week. ... Read More »

UK Government responds to national security challenges | Army Technology

The North Door of the Ministry of Defence Main Building Headquarters in London

The UK government has boosted the Military of Defense budget, citing changes in the international power struggle as the reason. Reports made by the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy charged the government of being “accustomed to talking a better game than it plays on national security, despite efforts to improve how it makes and delivers strategy under the ... Read More »