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Check out eerie image of a Navy Special Ops Seahawk raiding a ship in the dead of night | The Drive

Last month Navy and Coast Guard special operations units rappelled from a helicopter and onto a ship in order to rescue possible hostages being held by terrorists. The Navy is now considering ending the Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 85, also known as the Firehawks for the 2021 Fiscal Year budget proposal. “HSC-85 is a dedicated SOF [special operations] support unit ... Read More »

USASOC to Astronaut Morgan | DVIDS

Dr. (Col.) Andrew Morgan is an alum from 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) and is now an astronaut currently on the International Space Station. A crowd assembled in Col. Arron Bank Hall on Fort Bragg in order to chat with Morgan and ask him questions about life in space and his journey to becoming an astronaut. Col. Mark Ray, USASOC’s ... Read More »

‘Who lives and who dies’: In worst-case coronavirus scenario, ethics guide choices on who gets care | USA Today

As the coronavirus spreads, more people need to use a ventilator due to the respiratory symptoms caused by the virus. Italy is currently experiencing this issue as they have surpassed China in the number of deaths. Their health systems are also overwhelmed as they report a shortage of equipment and medical staff. Currently there are less than 100,000 ventilators in ... Read More »

U.S. Air Force deploying new distributed aperture infrared countermeasure on HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters | The Aviationist

30 HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters will receive an upgrade in the form of the new Distributed Aperture Infrared Countermeasure. The new system is part of a contract won in response to the Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement sent out in 2018. “DAIRCM is an aircraft survivability system approach that utilizes a single sensor for both 2-color IR missile warning and wide ... Read More »

Weapons of the Russian Special Forces | Gunpowder Magazine

One of Russia’s most well-known special operations units is the Spetsialnovo Naznacheniya, better known as SpetsNaz. There are currently eight SpetsNaz brigades with varying sizes and offshoots. Overall, it seems like the Russian special forces have a greater arsenal for everyday usage than the U.S. special forces. They often get to choose from numerous firearm models, such as AK-47-series of ... Read More »

Focus on what you can reach and control | Frank Larkin

Thoughts offered by Frank Larkin Is this a world ending event? No, this is not a world ending event.  Do not get consumed and paralyzed by things that are out of your reach and out of your control.  We will get through this, but not without experiencing a variable degree of dysfunction, inconvenience and pain.  The greatest threat, beyond the ... Read More »

Air Force suspends most Space-A travel | Air Force Times

Air Mobility Command has announced that they are suspending almost all Space-A travel due to the coronavirus. In order to help slow the spread of the virus, only those who are Category I, IV, and VI travelers are eligible for exemption. This includes Wounded Warriors and those on emergency leave. Currently the minimum date for the suspension is May 11th, ... Read More »

Meditation in an emergency | Sam Harris

Waking Up is designed to enable you to explore and understand your mind so you can live a more balanced life. Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, philosopher, and New York Times author who delves into the theory of meditation and how it positively affects us. This podcast follows mediation amongst emergency and uncertainty, pertaining now to the coronavirus pandemic throughout the ... Read More »

Russia has new tool for massive internet shutdown attack, leaked documents claim | Defense One

Newly revealed documents depict a botnet and hacker apps known as Fronton, Fonton-3D, and Fonton-18. These are not going to be used to crash the internet or spy through your phone’s camera, however. More than likely they are designed to spew out misinformation to a large number of users and overwhelm certain systems. The crashing of certain platforms could spell more ... Read More »

Afghan Special Forces repulse Taliban attack in Zabul province | Khaama Press

At least 10 militants were about to attack security posts in Bariha in the southern Zabul province. Before the attack was launched Afghan Special Forces arrived and fought them off. Four of the militant fighters were killed, and six more were rounded up afterwards and taken prisoner. Two vehicles, weapons, and ammunition were also seized after the raid. The raid ... Read More »

Market action a century ago suggests worst could be over for stocks, if not for the coronavirus pandemic | Market Watch

In 1917 the Spanish Flu swept across the world and struck down the stock market. Currently the market is following similar trends due to the coronavirus. During the Spanish Flu, the market dropped the worst during October, but by December the worst was over. This is not a guarantee for current events, but it can provide some hope that the ... Read More »

Special Tactics Airman involved in fatal swim training incident identified | U.S. Air Force

Airman First Class Keigan Baker was participating in the Air Force Combat Dive Course by the Special Warfare Training Wing at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. Baker was an Air Force Special Tactics combat controller in the Special Tactics Training Squadron, 24th Special Operations Wing. He went missing during a surface swim training exercise and was later found unresponsive. “Keigan’s loss is ... Read More »

Coronavirus: Elite armed gardai deployed across Ireland over fears of criminals taking advantage of crisis | Irish Mirror

The Emergency Response Units in Ireland have been deployed all across the country to help keep the peace in case of large criminal activity. They are also working alongside the Armed Response Units currently patrolling throughout the cities. As the number of cases and deaths caused by the coronavirus continue to rise, officials in Ireland began to fear an increase ... Read More »