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Libya ceasefire: both sides accuse each other of breaking truce | DW

The UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) and Khalifa Haftar’s forces reached an agreement where Haftar agreed to halt his attack on Tripoli. However, the government is claiming the militants attacked again just minutes after the truce took effect. The truce was proposed by Russia and Turkey on Sunday morning. Both sides are now preparing for more fighting, with both ... Read More »

The best-paying job of 2020 pays $267,020—here are the other 24 | CNBC

U.S. News & World Report has stated that the healthcare center still has the highest paying jobs. The top paid career in the U.S. is an anesthesiologist, making an average of $267,020 per year. These high-paying healthcare professions come with an average of $250,000 at public universities and $330,180 at private universities for four years of medical school. The next ... Read More »

7 exercises to fix shoulder pain | Outside Online

Being the least stable but most mobile joint in the human body, our shoulders are extremely prone to injury and lasting pain. An injury or repeated stress on the joint can lead to bruising, tearing and inflammation that is difficult to treat if ignored for too long. Common shoulder injuries for outdoor athletes include a torn rotary cuff, shoulder impingement ... Read More »

Navy SEAL pleads not guilty in Green Beret’s death | 13 News Now

Professional, military picture of Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar

Tony DeDolph, a Navy SEAL, is one of four service members under investigation and charged with the death of Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar. The event occurred in 2017 in the country of Mali, leading to DeDolph being charged with murder, involuntary manslaughter, hazing and obstruction of justice. Prosecutors have said that the men strangled Melgar and repeatedly put him ... Read More »

U.S. trained special forces kill dozens of militants in Southern Somalia | Garowe Online

Commander Hassan Mohamad Aden of the Danab Forces in Jubbaland State has praised his troops and the locals for their combined effort to eradicate the local terrorist organizations. The Somali Special Forces engaged in a gunfight that resulted in the death of 35 militants, thanks to a tip off from the locals. While no report has been made on the ... Read More »

Taiwan election: Tsai Ing-wen wins second presidential term, beating Beijing-friendly rival | Hong Kong Free Press

Han Kuo-yu lost to the current president, Tsai Ing-wen, giving her a second term and a win for the Democratic Progressive Party. Tsai’s votes clocked in at 8.1 million, the highest ever received in Taiwan history for democratic elections. Her competitor only received 5.5 million. In her initial speech, she thanked her supporters and called for political parties to set ... Read More »

Alphabet’s controversial Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond, leaves company | Forbes

David Drummond will be leaving Alphabet on January 31st due to sexual misconduct claims and investigation cover-ups. A board investigation has been looking into the company’s handling that followed the claims made against Drummond for having inappropriate relationships with employees. Drummond said he is retiring after careful consideration, and a spokesperson for the company said he will not be receiving ... Read More »

20 affordable trips around the world to take in 2020 | Outside Online

While certain destinations may seem unattainable due to cost or flights, planning and bargain hunting can pull them into reach. Some of the countries with low flight costs that are expected to remain in 2020 include China, Japan and South Africa. If you’re more concerned with how much money you will spend while you’re on the ground in the country, ... Read More »

Army to consider returning award to Matthew Golsteyn, soldier pardoned by Trump | USA Today

Matthew Golsteyn was pardoned by President Trump after being charged with murder of a bomb-maker who was going to be released in Afghanistan in 2010. After previously being denied his membership reinstatement for the Special Forces, the Army is now considering returning his Special Forces Tab and Distinguished Service Cross. Golsteyn claims he shot the man, because he believed the ... Read More »