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Singapore modelling study estimates impact of physical distancing on reducing spread of COVID-19 | Science Daily

As the world implements quarantines and social distancing measures, some people are wondering how much help this actually provides. A new study done in Singapore has shown that the measures currently being taken, such as school closings and working from home, truly does slow the spread of the virus. The study showed that the most effective measure included quarantine plus ... Read More »

This is why everyone is hoarding toilet paper | ARS Technica

Once the coronavirus scare picked up and workplaces began to shut down, the toilet paper isle was suddenly empty. Consumer behavior researcher Kit Yarrow has discussed the possible reason behind why people are hoarding toilet paper, something that doesn’t seem to match up with the current issues. First, it is important to remember that panic buying is nothing new, people will ... Read More »

Somalia’s Special Forces seize another senior Al-Shabaab commander | Garowe Online

Somalia’s Special Forces have captured another Al-Shabaab commander in the Lower Shabelle, continuing the trend of increased stability in the country. The ministry of information has released a statement stating that troops from the Danab forces were involved in the raid that led to the capture of the commander in Wanlaweyn. Officials also commented that the high-profile commander had been ... Read More »

25 Taliban militants killed, 33 wounded in Balkh clashes | Khaama

Afghan soldiers on patrol with U.S. soldiers; picture for decorative purposes only.

When Taliban militants attacked several locations in three districts of Balkh, Afghan security forces responded. The result left 25 militant fighters killed and another 33 wounded after numerous engagements. The security forces also had the support of Special Forces and the Air Force. One of the commanders of the groups, Mullah Hafiz, was among the dead, and two other commanders ... Read More »

Why it’s so much easier for rich and powerful people to get tested for coronavirus | Men’s Health

Numerous celebrities and professional sports players have been able to get tested for the coronavirus relatively easy, whether they were showing symptoms or not. However, every news agency has been reporting on the lack of testing kits, and people are regularly getting turned away. Not one celebrity has responded to comments asking how they were able to get their hands ... Read More »

Panel to recommend making women register for the draft | Military Times

The bipartisan National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service has spent the last two years investigating the Selective Service System. They are now recommending that women between the ages of 18 and 25 be required to register for the draft like men are. The recommendation has been met with mixed opinions and has never been passed by Congress in ... Read More »

Acting Director of National Intelligence taps first-ever woman to lead National Counterterrorism Center | Daily Caller

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has officially tapped Lora Shiao to become the acting director of the National Counterterrorism Center. She will be the first woman to head the NCTC and will take over the spot in April. Shiao will assume the position once the Senate confirms Christopher Miller to be the permanent director of the NCTC. Previously ... Read More »

How firms move to secret offices amid Covid-19 | BBC

Sometimes known as ghost offices, large firms often have a building that secretly holds offices in case of emergencies, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and pandemics. The relocating of the staff to these locations is known as a “disaster recovery” or “business continuity” site. This allows employees to work from the office rather than from home so they can ... Read More »

Now is the perfect time to deload – here’s how | Stew Smith Youtube

This week’s weekly video features Jeff Nichols in addition to Stew Smith and explores what you should do for your fitness regimen during quarantine. While gym closures and social distancing rules may seem to spell the end of your routine, this provides an opportunity to get more creative. Instead of thinking about it as an excuse or defeat, look at ... Read More »

Pentagon declares defense contractors ‘critical infrastructure,’ must continue work | Defense News

The U.S. Defense Department has announced that defense contractors are critical and must resume work as normal while taking appropriate precautions. Ellen Lord, the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, has also made it clear that she expects all services and products to be completed on time. “If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as designated by the ... Read More »

Navy confirms 3 more special ops members have coronavirus | American Military News

Three Naval Special Warfare first-class petty officers have all tested positive for the coronavirus as of Saturday. This comes two days after the first member was confirmed to have the virus. All three of the infected officers had close contact with the original carrier and have been in quarantine since. All four are being closely monitored and isolated in accordance ... Read More »

How to avoid coronavirus, according to ISIS | Military Times

As the coronavirus has continued to spread across the world, nations and officials have been releasing updates and statements on what to do during the pandemic. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has also released a statement on what they believe should be done. Currently members who are hiding out in a country or area where people have tested ... Read More »