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How David Duffield Took 20 Years And Four Startups To Develop The Corporate Culture Behind His Enterprise Software Empire | Forbes

Photo of a computer with software code displayed

When he was 28, David Duffield left IBM to start his own business but says he didn’t implement the skills and foundation he learned until much later into his startups. He is now worth 10.3 billion dollars and is the 14th richest man in U.S. technology. His advice for young entrepreneurs is to learn from a big corporation first before ... Read More »

The 50 Best Places to Work in 2019 | Outside Online

People working in a giant office

Writer Nick Davidson created a list of the 50 best companies to work for in 2019. The list is based factors such as salary, vacation time, perks, and what the current employees say about working for the business. One big thing the companies have in common is the availability to access to outdoors. Some offices were located near hiking trails ... Read More »

Screen-based media associated with structural differences in brains of young children | Science Daily

Little boy playing on a tablet device at the dinning room table

Jama Pediatrics has released a study showing that children who have more electronic screen time have a lower amount of structural integrity of white matter tracts in their brain. These support the language and literacy skills, as well as impact self-regulation and executive function. The children also on average scored lower on language and literacy tests. The American Academy of ... Read More »

Scottish teenagers taught survival skills in ‘Europe’s toughest youth programme’ | The Scotsman

Young people taking a break with their skis in the snow

Scott Graham, who spent over a decade in the Royal Marines and Special Forces, holds classes teaching teenagers how to survive in freezing temperatures. This includes learning how to use equipment, what kind of clothes to wear, and how to identify hypothermia. The charity organization is using the classes to help student with anxiety and lack of self-esteem. The Polar ... Read More »

Rudy Boesch, retired Navy SEAL and ‘Survivor’ contestant, passes away at 91 | USA TODAY

Headshot of Rudy Boesch speaking at an event

Master Chief Rude Boesch passed away on November 1st at age 91. Boesch was a decorated Navy SEAL and participated in two seasons of the reality show “Survivor.” He competed on the show at age 72 and 75, making him the oldest contestant to compete. Boesch passed away peacefully, surrounded by friends and family. “He proudly served our nation from ... Read More »

Citadel graduate ordered Army Special Forces to kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi | Post and Courier

General Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr, USMC 14th commander of U.S. Central Command

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie Jr., a graduate of the Citadel, gave the orders to storm the compound where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed. He was promoted to four-star general in March and gave the mission a green light from his headquarters in Tampa. McKenzie was commissioned into the Marine Corps after graduating from the military college located in Charleston, SC. His ... Read More »

On today‘s battlefields, more women than ever are in the fight | National Geographic

Kurdish women soldiers in action

The number of women joining the U.S. military has continued to increase since 1901. Other countries have also been seeing rise in female recruits, and equality in the service has been expanding. Many of these women cite their reasons for joining the military as wanting to protect their country, display courage, and show children a different path they can take. ... Read More »

United States begins ISR operations from new air base in Niger | defenceWeb

Pictures of plane landing at air base 201 in Niger

Operations regarding intelligence and surveillance have begun at the newly finished Air Base 201 in Niger. US Africa Command stated that the goal of these actions are “in support of our partner forces and international efforts to counter violent extremist organizations in the region.” The partnership between the U.S. and the Nigerian government also indicates the mutual want for more ... Read More »

Erickson wins $1 Billion seven-year contract for US Special Forces | HeliHub

Picture of Erickson Utility Aircraft flying above in the air

Erickson Incorporated, a worldwide leading operator, maintainer, and manufacturer of utility aircraft, has won the seven-year contract for the Special Operations Forces / Personnel Recovery (SOF/PR) Multiple Award Contract for Modifications. The company will focus on the rotary wing platform looking at the integrity and application of support and weapon systems. Doug Kitani, the CEO of Erickson, stated that the company ... Read More »