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Research identifies changes in neural circuits underlying self-control during adolescence | Science Daily

Toy model of the brain

Researchers from the Lifespan Brain Institute of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have been working to chart brain development throughout childhood and adolescence to better understand executive function and self-control. Learning about the anomalies that affect development can provide a better way to detect mental illness and to discover how to treat them before they ... Read More »

Did America’s top commander in Afghanistan ditch his 1911 for a (tricked out) Glock? | Military Times

A picture of the commander of all U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller, has been taken showing him wearing a tricked-out 1911 as his sidearm. Despite the 1911 being out of service in the Army, it is still used by Marine Corps special operations units. Miller served as an operator with the Army’s 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta ... Read More »

3,871 Yards: How this Sniper got the world’s distance kill record against an ISIS fighter | National Interest

In 2017, a Canadian sniper team took down an ISIS fighter from a distance of 3,871 yards, over two miles. Record-breaking by over a thousand yards, the seemingly impossible shot was accomplished. Set up on top of a building and using a McMillan TAC-50 .50 sniper rifle, the bullet took ten seconds to reach the target. This feat was accomplished ... Read More »

Major General Robert A. McClure Silver Medal Award presented to George Bell | Signals

Retired Master Sergeant George Bell received the second highest award for the Psychological Operations Regiments of Special Operations. Bell joined the service in 1998 working as a Psychological Operations member for Special Operations and has been on tours to Libya, Afghanistan and Ukraine. The Major General Robert A. McClure Silver Medal was awarded to him by Mayor Kell Palguta and ... Read More »

Video apparently showing flight PS752 missile strike geolocated to Iranian suburb | Bellingcat

A video of the flight PS752 missile strike has been geolocated to a residential area in Parand, a west suburb of Imam Khomeini International Airport. The Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 (PS752) had just departed to Kyiv when it was supposedly struck by a Russian-made Iran missile. The source video shows many geographic elements that can also be seen with ... Read More »

No cellphones, laptops were allowed to go with Army 82nd paratroopers deploying to Middle East | Army Times

3,500 paratroopers from 1st Brigade Combat Team left Fort Bragg to deploy to Kuwait throughout the first week of January. They were not permitted to bring any cellphones, laptops, tablets or anything else that qualified as a personal electronic device.  Lt. Col. Mike Burns commented on how the decision was made for the safety of the soldiers and the mission. ... Read More »

The missing Assistant Secretary of Defense and the Soleimani strike | Just Security

While numerous opinions have been voiced on President Trump’s decision to go forward with the airstrike that killed a top Iran General without discussing the plan with several key Senate members, a more important role was missing all together. The Pentagon’s civilian chief of special operations position had been vacant until two months ago when Thomas Alexander, the chief of ... Read More »

How Russia is slowly encircling Europe | TRT World

After the end of the Cold War, NATO focused on keeping a close watch on the fallen Soviet Union in order to quell any attempts to expand outside their territory. Almost 30 years later the opposite is occurring, with Russia eyeing Ukraine, Libya and Syria. President Putin has taken an aggressive approach to foreign policy with nuclear threats and belligerence ... Read More »

Army general denies request by officer pardoned by Trump to have his Special Forces tab reinstated | Stars and Stripes

The commander of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Lt. Gen. Francis M. Beaudette, has denied the request to reinstate retired Army Maj. Matthew Golsteyn with his Special Forces tab. Golsteyn was previously pardoned by President Trump to have his tab reinstated. Senior defense officials and an administrative board are also considering whether or not to allow Golsteyn to receive ... Read More »

Counter-Terrorism: Tracking Baghdadi | Strategy Page

Confirming Baghdadi’s location was the vital piece of information that allowed the raid to take place in October. ISIS and Baghdadi had made numerous enemies with other terrorist groups and people, making the process to locating him easier. Russia and Syria had been slowly taking back territory held by the HTS terrorist group throughout the year, causing more ‘trustworthy’ terrorists ... Read More »

Special Forces of the Colombia Navy train command of the Dominican Republic Navy | Maritime Herald

Colombia and the Dominican Republic conducted a training exercise at the Las Calderas Naval Base throughout the month of August 2019. With special forces from the Colombian Navy training their counterparts, the goal was to increase the capability of the Dominican Republic’s command to combat threats. Chief of command of the Dominican Republic Navy, Corvette Captain Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, ... Read More »

Iran didn’t kill anyone in missile attack, spurring hopes for de-escalation | Military Times

There were no apparent U.S. casualties after Iran’s missile barrage, giving “cautious” optimism inside and outside the Pentagon. Confirming details from earlier reports, President Trump said “only minimal damage was sustained.” He bolstered the sentiment after saying, “Iran seemed to be standing down and that the U.S. seeks peace with willing nations.” Despite the sentiment, he still warned the regime ... Read More »

Iran investigation says airliner caught fire before crash, Ukraine outlines theories | Reuters

Shortly after taking off from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport, the Ukrainian International Airline’s Boeing 737-800 crashed just southwest of the region. The crash left all 176 people on board dead. On Thursday, Ukraine announced four potential scenarios that could explain the crash, one of which includes a missile strike and terrorism. An Iranian report that included witnesses said the aircraft ... Read More »