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Proper technique on the combat swimmer stroke | Stew Smith

Stew Smith’s YouTube and podcast page contains a series regarding the combat swimmer stroke. Over the course of three videos he explains and demonstrates proper technique and where this method is most commonly seen. The first video gives the background on the stroke and provides basic instruction on proper form. One main point detailed is that athletes new to swimming ... Read More »

Soldiers can apply for hardship, isolation allowance if impacted by stop-move policy | Army Times

Soldiers and their families who are being affected by the halt on all permanent change of duty station moves can now apply for hardship pay. Currently soldiers who were going to be moving to a new installation are stalled for an unforeseen amount of time. “The Army proactively stopped movement to protect our soldiers, preserve our capability and protect our ... Read More »

Exclusive: Inside the military’s top secret plans if coronavirus cripples the government | Newsweek

The continuous spread of the coronavirus has led to people questioning what would happen if a large percentage of the U.S. government contracted the virus. Also, what will occur if things continue to get worse and possibly out of hand? While President Trump has currently tested negative for COVID-19, if one of these scenarios does occur there are contingencies in ... Read More »

Hurlburt Field reports active-duty airman tested positive for coronavirus | Pensacola News Journal

Col. Mike Conley and other officials at Hurlburt Field have hosted a question and answer session after an airman tested positive for the coronavirus. They announced that after returning from an overseas trip the airman self-quarantined off base in his house, and only left to get tested after showing symptoms of the virus. He has since been completely isolated since ... Read More »

How the U.S. must respond to the COVID-19 pandemic | Scientific American

Scientists, engineers, and health professionals are coming together to combat the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading across the world. The U.S. is currently struggling in this due to three main issues: lack of guidance, lack of testing, and the prioritizing of economics over healthcare workers. Issues with testing kits and requiring those who are sick to jump through hoops just ... Read More »

First SEAL from Naval Special Warfare Command tests positive for coronavirus | The OCR

Thursday test results have confirmed that the first Navy SEAL has tested positive for the coronavirus. The SEAL is from Naval Special Warfare Command and is currently isolated at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. The second-class petty officer was training at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, and those he had direct contact with are also quarantined. Almost a week ago the first sailor ... Read More »

State Department declares Level 4 Travel Advisory: tells Americans not to travel abroad | Forbes

The U.S. State Department has declared a Level 4 Travel Advisory for all Americans, stating they cannot travel abroad. Level 3 had previously been instated, encouraging citizens to rethink travel plans. Reports have also noted that Secretary Mike Pompeo agrees with the decision. Numerous other countries have already been at a Level 4 and more are expected to follow. Currently ... Read More »

Tough as Nails: Why France’s Special Forces are among the best | National Interest

In January of 2013, French troops came across a large group of terrorist militants moving across Mali. Operation Serval forces moved in to combat the fighters and has since expanded to combat terrorist cells throughout the Sahel region of Sub-Saharan Africa over the past six years. In June of 2019, militants shot down a French SA342 Gazelle helicopter, and the ... Read More »

The world’s fastest supercomputer identified chemicals that could stop coronavirus from spreading, a crucial step toward a vaccine | CNN

The world’s fastest supercomputer built by IBM has been running simulations to determine which drugs have the most effect against COVID-19. This computer has now identified 77 drug compounds most likely to cure a patient, meaning we have taken a major step in creating a vaccine. This can also be used to help better treat patients with the virus before ... Read More »

Don’t let the Pentagon silence Stars and Stripes | Stars & Stripes

The Stars and Stripes ombudsman has written a response to the possible cuts in funding to the military news source. Under his formal job description, one of his roles is to “Protect the Stars and Stripes’ First Amendment rights and its ability and obligation to provide a free flow of news and information to the DoD military community.” The Defense ... Read More »

Trial dates moved for SEAL, Marine Raider charged in Green Beret death | Army Times

Professional, military picture of Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar

Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator Tony E. DeDolph and Marine Gunnery Sgt. Mario Madera-Rodriguez have been charged in the strangulation death of Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar. Both of their trials have been extended to July and September on the request of their defense attorneys. Both are being court-martialed after Melgar was killed during an alleged hazing incident while on deployment ... Read More »