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IAEA sees signs North Korea reactor may be operating

The U.N. nuclear watchdog said it has seen releases of steam and water indicating that North Korea may be operating a reactor, in the latest update on a plant that experts say could make plutonium for atomic bombs. North Korea announced in April of last year that it would revive its aged five-megawatt research reactor at the Yongbyon nuclear complex, ... Read More »

South Korea rules out residual US force near DMZ after consolidation

South Korean defense officials said Friday the U.S. will not leave residual forces near the Demilitarized Zone after it shifts most of its troops on the peninsula to southern regional hubs, while American officials didn’t rule out the prospect of leaving some troops behind “temporarily.” The two statements reflect the sensitivities north of Seoul, where cities already have plans for ... Read More »

Air Force may move drones, personnel inside Niger

The Air Force may redeploy its remotely piloted aircraft in Niger, moving the drones to a remote area in the Sahara to better position them to watch Islamic militants in the area. Last year, the Air Force deployed about 100 airmen and remotely piloted aircraft to Niamey in the southwestern region of Niger to “provide support for intelligence collection and ... Read More »

Islamic extremists grab towns in northeast Nigeria

Nigeria’s Islamic extremist group, Boko Haram, has seized more towns along Nigeria’s northeastern border with Cameroon and is adopting a strategy of encouraging civilians to stay, witnesses said Sunday, as the militants pursue their new aim to carve out an “Islamic caliphate” under their black and white flag. Nigerian army soldiers fled when hundreds of insurgents in stolen military armored ... Read More »

Report: Malawi Cancels Arms Deal With South African Firm

Malawi’s new government has cancelled a $145 million arms deal with South Africa’s Paramount Group, Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe told Saturday’s Nation newspaper. “The agreement between the Malawi Government and Paramount Group has been abrogated. That is all I can confirm and say,” Gondwe said. The paper quoted a source within the finance ministry as saying the government of President ... Read More »

Tunisia announces militant arrests, ammo seizure

Tunisia’s Interior Ministry has announced the arrest of 12 men accused of planning attacks to disrupt upcoming elections. Ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Aroui told journalists Friday that the arrests came after the seizure of a four-wheel drive vehicle near the border with Libya filled with rockets, assault-rifle ammunition and explosives. He said the vehicle was heading from the Ben Guerdane ... Read More »

NATO Prepares New Sanctions Over Russian Action in Ukraine

  Amid talk of a possible cease-fire between Ukrainian forces and Moscow-backed separatists, President Obama and European leaders at a NATO summit meeting here on Thursday prepared a new round of sanctions against Russian officials, banks and enterprises that could be imposed as early as Friday. The action, intended to intensify pressure on Russia to cease its intervention in Ukraine, ... Read More »

As NATO summit kicks off, Ukrainian leader voices cautious optimism about peace plan

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko expressed guarded optimism Thursday that a peace initiative advanced by Russia can bring a quick end to his country’s months-long conflict. But Western allies promised an immediate escalation of sanctions against Moscow if the negotiations, planned for Friday, turn out to be “a smoke screen” for further Russian intervention in a war that threatens to unravel ... Read More »

UK to Pledge 3,500 Troops to NATO Rapid Response Force

 Britain has pledged to commit 3,500 troops to a new NATO spearhead force expected to be announced by alliance leaders on the second day of the summit, according to Prime Minister David Cameron. The alliance is expected to endorse plans to resurrect high readiness forces similar to those that were stood down in 2002 with a new force capable of ... Read More »

Pentagon: Russia Has More Capable Troops on Ukraine Border

The Pentagon said Thursday that the Russian troops along Ukraine’s border represent the most capable force Moscow has deployed to the area since the current crisis began. The potent border deployment, which is smaller but more dangerous than previous ones, highlighted the degree to which the two sides remain at odds and the difficulty of achieving a cease-fire. In March, ... Read More »

SACEUR: Allies must prepare for Russia ‘hybrid war’

NATO must help allies in the east bolster first-line defenses to counter any aggression from Russia, whose unconventional tactics in Ukraine could pose special challenges if deployed on alliance turf, Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO’s top military commander, said Thursday. Before the incursion of what Western officials say are regular Russian troops into Ukraine, Moscow stirred unrest in other ways during ... Read More »

Amid GOP Criticism, Dems Say Obama Implementing Strategy To Combat Islamic State

Democratic lawmakers are beginning to describe the Obama administration strategy for fighting the Islamic State, a plan Republicans say is nonexistent. As Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday vowed to fight the violent Sunni group “to the gates of hell,” and President Barack Obama told the organization “we will not be intimidated,” senior GOP lawmakers continued to ask for the ... Read More »

Defense bill awaits Congress’ return

When Congress returns to Capitol Hill on Monday, members will have three weeks of work scheduled — and a year’s worth of work to finish. The annual defense authorization act and the 2015 defense appropriations measure await full Senate votes before they can move forward. Lawmakers also will be discussing possible action on U.S. involvement in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. ... Read More »

Obama administration sets briefings for Congress on Islamic State

U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration is dispatching senior intelligence officials and Secretary of State John Kerry to brief members of Congress and staff about the Islamic State militant group in the coming weeks, congressional aides said on Thursday. Kerry will testify to members of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee during the week of Sept. 15, an aide said. ... Read More »

4 congressmen seek Purple Hearts for soldiers killed in Arkansas

Arkansas’ four congressmen blasted the Defense Department on Thursday for what they called an unnecessary delay in a decision on Purple Hearts for a pair of Army recruiters killed by a religious fanatic in Little Rock five years ago. In a letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the lawmakers — Republican Reps. Rick Crawford, Tim Griffin, Steve Womack and Tom ... Read More »