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Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Sam Havelock, Founder, CEO | SOFX The SOFX Mission is to Fight Evil and Avert Suffering at Scale. The way we do that is by empowering a global network of deeply committed humans with information and connectivity required to be successful achieving The Vision. In a nod to our Atlas Shrugged sensibility, we are pleased to present today’s original article ... Read More »

Navy SEAL is crowdsourcing for others who have taken trophy photos with enemy corpses, for last legal argument | Digital Trends

The Navy SEAL who raised nearly $750,000 from a community of supporters to successfully fight war crimes charges in a San Diego court-martial is again asking for the public’s help for one more round with the Navy. Chief Eddie Gallagher, through an attorney, is asking the public to help him convince a Navy admiral to reduce his jury-imposed punishment for ... Read More »

Afghanistan: Special Forces Raid Medical Clinic | Human Rights Watch

Afghan special forces raided a medical clinic in Wardak province on the night of July 8-9, 2019, and executed four civilians, Human Rights Watch said today. Afghan authorities should promptly and thoroughly investigate the attack and appropriately prosecute those responsible. Witnesses told Human Rights Watch that security forces entered the clinic in the Day Mirdad district. They killed a family ... Read More »

Special Forces inflict heavy casualties on Taliban militants in Ghor, Wardak and Paktiya | Khaama

The Afghan Special Forces inflicted heavy casualties on Taliban militants during the operations in Ghor, Wardak and Paktiya provinces. The military officials said Friday that the Afghan Special Forces killed 10 Taliban militants during an operation in Shakrak district of Ghor province. The officials further added that the Special Forces also destroyed a small cache of weapons during the same ... Read More »

Bank of America just slashed its forecast for global economic growth | Business Insider

Bank of America Merrill Lynch lowered its expectations for global gross domestic product growth on Friday, blaming trade-war uncertainties and lagging policy responses for its weakened outlook. The firm slashed its predicted global GDP forecast to 3.3% from 3.6%. BAML had already lowered its 2019 forecast from the 3.9% level it proposed in November. The report cited several reasons for ... Read More »

Questions Remain as DoD Gets Ready to Cut 18,000 Medical Personnel | Military.com

Pentagon officials are keeping quiet on details surrounding a plan to cut 18,000 medical billets across the military. The drawdown, included in President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget proposal, announced earlier this year, would cut uniformed doctors, dentists, nurses, medics, technicians and support personnel from throughout the Army, Navy and Air Force. (The Navy provides medical support to the Marine Corps.) ... Read More »

Face off: Congress questions use of Americans’ biometric data | Federal Times

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill expressed concerns over the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s use of facial recognition technology on American citizens, questioning CPB’s right to even collect it. “You’ve kind of taken your own initiative to do some things beyond the scope of authority that Congress gave you,” Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, ... Read More »

5.56 NATO vs. .223 Rem.: What’s the Difference? | NRA

So, 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem. Two cartridges, identical exterior dimensions, yet the chain of events that occurs once the trigger is pulled makes the two rounds as different as oil and water. Yes, to the naked eye, there is no difference; even to the trained eye, without inspecting the headstamp to verify, I seriously doubt whether anyone could differentiate ... Read More »

Possible link between sugary drinks and cancer  | Science Daily

A study published by The BMJ today reports a possible association between higher consumption of sugary drinks and and an increased risk of cancer. While cautious interpretation is needed, the findings add to a growing body of evidence indicating that limiting sugary drink consumption, together with taxation and marketing restrictions, might contribute to a reduction in cancer cases. The consumption ... Read More »

Are You Rich? How the Wealthy Are Defined | US News

HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU need to be rich? According to a 2019 Modern Wealth Survey from Charles Schwab, Americans reported needing an average of $2.3 million in personal net worth to be identified as wealthy. The survey results don’t surprise Nick Giacoumakis, president and founder of New England Investment & Retirement Group Inc. in North Andover, Massachusetts. However, he ... Read More »

The First Potential Hurricane of 2019 Is Developing | Travel and Leisure

  Hurricane season is here, and the second named storm system of the year is on a path to Louisiana’s coast. Widespread flooding has already been reported in New Orleans. The National Hurricane Center predicts that Tropical Storm Barry will develop into a hurricane on Saturday, The Washington Post reports. Ahead of that, a tropical storm watch and a storm ... Read More »

AC-130U ‘Spooky’ Gunship Completes its Final Combat Deployment | Military.com

The last U-model arrived home to the 1st Special Operations Wing under Air Force Special Operations Command at Hurlburt Field, Florida, on July 8, according to a service news release. The 1st SOW said the Spooky will remain on alert in case troops need it for strike or overwatch downrange. But its return comes as the command gets ready to ... Read More »

Retired Lieutenant General Ken Tovo Named Chairman of Green Beret Foundation | Green Beret Foundation

The Green Beret Foundation (GBF) Board of Directors has elected retired Green Beret and former U.S. Army Special Operations Commander, Lieutenant General (LTG) Ken Tovo, as Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. He succeeds retired Major General (MG) Simeon Trombitas, who will continue to serve in an advisory role. As the Chairman, LTG (Ret) Tovo will oversee strategic direction ... Read More »

Majorities of U.S. veterans, public say the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting | Pew Research Center

Nearly 18 years since the start of the war in Afghanistan and 16 years since the U.S. invasion of Iraq, majorities of U.S. military veterans say those wars were not worth fighting, according to a new Pew Research Center survey of veterans. A parallel survey of American adults finds that the public shares those sentiments. Among veterans, 64% say the ... Read More »

Marine investigated for tweeting that people opposed to tanks at Trump’s July 4th event should kill themselves | Task and Purpose

A Marine with Joint Special Operations Command is being investigated for tweeting that people who complained about tanks being part of a July 4th event in Washington, D.C., should kill themselves. “Here’s to any complaints about tanks and a [middle finger] to anyone who says anything about PTSD!” Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kevin Ennett wrote in response to a post ... Read More »