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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Xi Jinping forced 10,000 people who fled overseas to return to China through an operation called ‘Sky Net,’ says human rights NGO | Business Insider

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According to a recent report, President Xi Jinping’s administration has marketed Operation Sky Net as part of the president’s anti-corruption effort, but its covert activities include deploying spies abroad to threaten runaways and government targets. According to official Chinese data, approximately 10,000 fugitives have been repatriated since 2014 under the “Operation Sky Net” or “Tian Wang” program. Safeguard Defenders detailed case studies in which Chinese spies went to the United States to frighten its detainees into going to the mainland in a 69-page study. The Uyghurs, a Muslim minority whose treatment by China has been the focus of international attention, are one of the groups most severely targeted by this Sky Net tactic, according to the NGO.

Source: https://www.businessinsider.nl/xi-jinping-forced-10000-people-who-fled-overseas-to-return-to-china-through-an-operation-called-sky-net-says-human-rights-ngo/


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