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Friday, December 9, 2022

Wounded U.S. Marine In Ukraine: A Fundraiser | Atlas News

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On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine, an ex-Soviet Bloc country, and Josh was spurred into action. 


Although the first invasion sparked his enthusiasm in joining the struggle against Russian aggression, he actually carried out his plan and left his comfortable American life when the crimes in Bucha became widely known. He quit his work and went to school to use his fighting experience and infantry training to defend the freedom and sovereignty of the Ukrainian people. Due to his personal contacts with other fighters and his highly sought-after training, Joshua was conscripted into the SSO (Ukrainian Spetznaz or Special Forces) after arriving in the nation in April. His unit was in charge of leading the assault into a significant city that had been seized by Russian forces for six months when the counteroffensive against Russian-held Kharkiv started in August. This is a chance for regular people to support one of their own who not only served his country honorably but also made the decision to oppose evil while he was under no duty. At the same time, the US government continues to support the Ukrainian government in its struggle against Russian aggression.



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