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Monday, December 5, 2022

Why this ‘large man in a ghillie suit’ is the hero the military needs right now | Task and Purpose

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A large guy in a ghillie suit participated in a cybersecurity challenge while dressed in camouflage. One guy even played the ukulele. Other attendees donned Hawaiian shirts and wore flip-flops: Cyber Shield 2022 is the “leading unclassified cyber training exercise” for the Army. More than 800 National Guard troops, airmen, civilian professionals, and other military personnel participated in the 12-day program. Cyber and electronic warfare play a significant part in the conflict in Ukraine, as Ukrainian forces use Russian mobile phone signals to target invading forces and landline field phones to avoid being blocked.

Meanwhile, before their invasion, Russian forces began cyberattacks against 300 government and commercial sector networks in Ukraine. In support of Ukraine, the U.S. is also launching cyber activities. The SANS institution sponsors a two-night computer hacking tournament called Netwars. As colorful as the clothes were, so were the candidates’ names and teams’ names, such as Goblin Sharks, Happy Hooligans, Slackers, and The Unsecured.



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