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Monday, December 5, 2022

Why The AC-130 Gunship Means Death for America’s Enemies | 1945

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The AC-130 gunship Spectre is a highly armed variant of the common C-130 Hercules. Spectre brings up memories of the evil Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion, headed up by Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Before Spectre, there was “Spooky,” the AC-47 gunship deployed with horrifying effect during the Vietnam War under the codename “Puff the Magic Dragon,” immortalized in the John Wayne movie The Green Berets. The two gunship systems collaborated to kill more than 10,000 enemy vehicles, and Lord alone knows how many hostile personnel. Both Spooky and Spectre are still in service with the U.S.

Air Force. The Specter’s first substantial post-Vietnam combat employment was during Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada in 1983. The AC-130J is the most recent variant, updated with the Precision Strike Package. The conventional explosive bullet may explode through up to 10 inches of reinforced concrete. A $400 artillery round is a good value compared to a $100,000 Hellfire.

The AC-130H with callsign Sprit 03 was shot down by a lone Iraqi soldier with a Strela-2 MAENADS, killing all 14 crew members on board. Spooky II’s essential contribution to this triumph was helping halt a southbound Iraqi armored column at the Battle of Khafji in 1991. Spectre/Spooky II/Ghostrider has continued to give necessary support to the nation’s military endeavors, from Somalia to the Balkans to the Global War on Terror.

Source: https://www.19fortyfive.com/2022/06/why-the-ac-130-gunship-means-death-for-americas-enemies/


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