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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Why Marketers Are Returning to Traditional Advertising | HBR

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Digital Marketing has largely taken over the marketing and advertisement industry within the decade, with the rise of social media, and the digitization of information, “stationary media has seen an expected decline as companies looked to keep up with an evolving electronic landscape. During this last decade, many predicted a spending decline surrounding traditional marketing compromising of television, newspapers and events as marketers shifted towards social media and google. Recent evidence has suggested that another shift is happening, one which marketers will once again look toward traditional methods of advertisement. Leading this charge are B2C companies, expecting to spend 10% more on Traditional methods. Ironically, its companies which make 100% of their revenue online which are leading this transition in terms of numbers, predicting an almost 12% increase in traditional method spending. Much of this is due to the saturation of the digital landscape, as people spend more time on the internet, the less they spend paying attention to advertisements, one survey found that 57% of people disliked ads before videos. When couple with constant ad walls on websites and articles, its no wonder that consumers are associating those brands with negative connotations. The credibility of Digital marketing performance is also in question, as platforms can control both the advertising inventory and effectiveness measurement. The effectiveness of digital marketing is being called into question, as hyper targeting and personalization can lead to a negative consumer reaction.

Source: https://hbr.org/2022/04/why-marketers-are-returning-to-traditional-advertising


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