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Friday, March 24, 2023

Why do they insist on occupying Şengal, which its sons liberated from ISIS?  | Hawar News

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The Sengal(Sinjar) National Council announced the establishment of new security and administrative unit to oversee the territory.

Sinjar is one of Lower Mesopotamia’s earliest towns, situated in the western section of Nineveh. Due to its strategic geographical position, its fortified mountains have attracted the interest of several empires and forces throughout history. The area serves as a connection between three nations and has an economic significance; it serves as the Silk Road’s exit to the Mediterranean, jeopardizing occupied Turkey’s ability to resurrect its flagging economy by occupying it. The ancient Yazidi community, which sticks to its traditions and beliefs, has paid a high price for thousands of years to maintain this precious culture and religion. Today, they continue their effort by devising novel methods and techniques for ensuring essential protection.

They organized a unique army (Sinjar Resistance Units) to protect their territory, language, mountains, plains, and religion. According to official government data, the population of Sinjar was roughly 88,000 before the ISIS onslaught. When the Islamic State stormed the region, they destroyed 30,000 homes; the number of Yazidis massacred is unknown. Today, the residents of Sinjar are surrounded by a concrete wall due to their involvement with the Autonomous Administration project based on leader Ocalan’s ideology and philosophy. Hasso explained that the Yazidi people are not opposed to the Iraqi government; they want to live with their natural, cultural and moral rights on their historical land like all Iraqis.

They blew up Siba and Sheikh Khidr in 2007, killing at least a thousand Yazidis on that day. said that the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Turkey, and other forces conspired to push the Kurdistan Freedom Movement fighters to evacuate from Sinjar via a filthy strategy. Building these barriers signals the end of their power; they want to divide communities and convey a message that a genocide against the Yazidis is imminent.

Source: http://www.hawarnews.com/en/haber/why-do-they-insist-on-occupying-sengal-which-its-sons-liberated-from-isis-h30119.html


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