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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Why biodiversity is good for our health | UN News

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The COP15 UN conference on biodiversity is scheduled to end on December 19. Currently, it is estimated that one million species are in danger of going extinct. If this trend keeps up, ecological services essential to human health and survival will be interrupted.  

In poor nations, traditional plant-based medicine is the primary method of primary healthcare for millions of people.  A symbol of the risks posed by warming temperatures is the polar bear. It might also represent health as an emblem. Before hibernating, polar bears store enormous amounts of fat. They are immune to Type II diabetes while having levels of fat that would be lethal in humans. Even though it is 1,000 times more effective than morphine, a medication that mimics the deadly peptide found in cone shells cannot lead to tolerance or dependence like opioids can. Zebrafish have helped us grasp how organs, particularly the heart, develop; a tiny roundworm has helped us comprehend “programmed cell death 



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