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Monday, December 5, 2022

White Saviors: The Legality of a US Marine Couple’s Taking of an Afghan Child | Juris

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The longest war in American history came to a sad conclusion with the fall of Afghanistan. Over 6 million people were relocated worldwide, a nation-state was destroyed, and one of the biggest refugee crises in recent memory followed.

In 2019, U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) launched a raid upon a compound during which a two-month old was pulled “from the rubble … [suffering] a fractured skull, broken leg, and serious burns.” The child was brought to the US to receive medical treatment, and eventually released to relatives of the deceased parents. During this time U.S. Marine Corps Judge Advocate’s General (JAG) Captain Joshua Mast aggressively campaigned to adopt the child. The Mast family convinced the Afghan child’s relatives to come to the United States for medical care. When the Afghan family arrived, Mast’s attorneys informed the couple the child was legally the Mast’s and took custody. The Afghan couple filed a federal complaint alleging that Mast shoved the paternal cousin and then fled the room during the event. The child has been living with the Masts since August of 2021, despite the fact that the paternal cousin and his wife sued the Marine family in September of 2022. The Masts and their counsel have continually lied, dodged questions, or otherwise tried to hide the truth and their true intentions. They have demonstrated through their own court filings that they are dishonest and that their activities were motivated by a fanatical religious desire to be perceived as saving a child. In actuality, they had been getting away with stealing a child from its legitimate parents up until this moment. The State of Virginia and, if necessary, the Department of Justice should conduct additional research into the matter in light of the quantity of evidence obtained by the Associated Press.



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