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Friday, December 2, 2022

When the Boys are back in Town: A Special Ops Vet Explains Why Elite Units Train in US Cities | Coffee or Die

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In two US cities in the late summer and early fall, stories of covert special operations personnel flying among the tall buildings and “raiding” nearby structures began to surface. 

In August, soldiers were running across parking lots while black helicopters were circling the city of San Antonio, Texas, while wearing quad-tube night vision goggles. Despite the Army’s refusal to say which unit was involved, a veteran who spent 20 years in its most covert Special Missions Unit claims. Phoenix police issued a public alert in September informing residents that “air and ground activities” for “important military training” would take place in Phoenix and the nearby city of Peoria, Arizona. It gives elite warriors the ability to hone their capabilities in a real US city so they will be ready to employ them in cities elsewhere. RUT, short for Realistic Urban Training, is the name given to it. However, occasionally, this method of training frightens locals, sparking wild stories about sinister military operations.

Source: https://www.coffeeordie.com/boys-are-back-in-town


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