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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

What to expect if your pet eats wild mushrooms | WKBN

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The owner of North Memorial Animal Hospital, Dr. Maureen Altman, said, “If a dog eats a mushroom, we suggest assuming the worst.”

If your dog or other creature eats a wild mushroom, according to Altman, you should be quite worried. You should watch out for several warning signals if you think your dog may have consumed some but are unsure. According to Altman, your pet’s symptoms may appear anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours after eating the poisonous fungus. “It can range from moderate vomiting that just goes away on its own in a day to something much, much more dangerous. It can also be anything from diarrhea, upset stomach, liver illness, renal disease, or neurologic difficulties.  You should get in touch with your veterinarian as soon as you can if your pet does consume a mushroom. To be able to determine what they consumed, it’s also crucial to obtain a sample of or a picture of the mushroom.

Source: https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/what-to-expect-if-your-pet-eats-wild-mushrooms/


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