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Thursday, January 26, 2023

 What it takes to earn the title ‘Best Ranger,’ according to the first officer to ever do so | Task and Purpose

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The officer who won the competition for Best Ranger is seeking another title.

Blain Reeves is the first officer to win the Fort Benning, Georgia Best Ranger Competition. The tournament is a rigorous three-day test designed to push troops to their mental and physical limits. Reeves and Staff Sergeant Erik Wilson won the tournament in 1993 as captain and partner, respectively. He has since sought out such rigorous contests.

Due to the difficulty of the activities and the length of the days, mental toughness is crucial for the Best Ranger Competition. Blain Reeves competed at the 38th David E. Granger Jr. Best Ranger Competition.

The most memorable event for Reeves was the notorious Darby Queen. The weaver is a wooden barrier that requires troops to “weave” over and beneath bars. Reeves commented on his feelings on the topic, “I don’t sure whether I was ‘best’ at anything.” William “Flip” Filipkowski retired with sergeant major and participated four times in Best Ranger. According to Filipkowski, he joined the Army at 17 and proceeded directly from basic training to Ranger School.

After the 1993 tournament, he chose to retire and never participate again. Since he acquired the competitive bug, he has not slowed down. Blain Reeves is the first officer in the United States Air Force to receive the honor of “Best Ranger.” He claims that his participation in the Best Ranger Competition was the beginning of a cycle of perpetual competition and racing. He prepared for a 30-kilometer (18.3 miles) ruck-run in April while carrying a 25-pound pack. According to his Project Athena website profile, he has participated in hundreds of triathlons since 1982.

Source: https://taskandpurpose.com/culture/army-best-ranger-first-officer-winner/?utm_source=sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dfn-ebb


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