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Saturday, December 3, 2022

What Being an Army Green Beret Taught Me About Leadership | Men’s Journal

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Letting your staff feel they are integral to the purpose can aid in employee retention and motivation. 

Employees have two fundamental questions: why and why me? A competent leader should give followers a more comprehensive picture to explain why a company is headed on a particular path. Increased sales translate to larger markets, creating additional employment prospects and room for advancement for current employees. Green Berets are aware that every ounce of effort and money invested in the development of our troops increases their odds of success on the battlefield. Please get to know your employees, determine their life goals, and then assist them in achieving them. 

Use your team’s objective as a training tool, and they will be more inclined to go the additional mile. Motivated and hence devoted employees make mission completion much simpler. A Special Forces squad is meant to operate autonomously from a centralized command structure.  

Commanders and their staff are responsible for setting priorities, allocating resources, and supporting teams. Developing your employees to accept more responsibilities and tasks should always be your top concern. Leaders who prioritize money over their people lack a proper understanding of leadership. 

Source: https://www.mensjournal.com/health-fitness/what-being-an-army-green-beret-taught-me-about-leadership/ 


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