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STAR Delta OL-A strengthens space warfighters | CSMNG

Where there are humans, there will be warfare. STAR DELTA OL-A is already training warfighters for space. OL-A provides trainings that are realistic and will make sure forces are thoroughly trained for missions. They participate in 50 exercises over the course of a year to reach the armed forces. Space constantly changes so the training has to continuously evolve as ... Read More »

Martyred ASI played key role in anti-terror operations | The Tribune India

However, his dedication to his country does not go unnoticed. He joined a volunteer military 18 years before his passing where he participated in anti-terror operations and helped play a key role. The Tribune India interviews his friends and collogues about his life. They also tell stories of heroism and his intelligence in high stress situations. Source: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/j-k/martyred-asi-played-key-role-in-anti-terror-operations-134379 Read More »

I’m a therapist who traded in typical self-care advice for going wave running in the Florida Keys. Here’s why it’s working — and how anyone can put the spirit behind it into practice. | Business Insider

Instead of going the traditional self-care route, Amy Morin decided to step up her routine by scheduling time every day to take her WaveRunner out for a spin on the water. Not everyone has a personal watercraft, but an adrenaline-boosting activity or making time for something fun for you regularly can help clear your mind, improve your mood, and can make you feel better. Scheduling something fun is tougher during the pandemic but it would increase your ... Read More »

Working hard or hardly working? Working from home and boundaries in 2020 | Psych Central

Having the privilege of working from home also carries challenges especially when we are now faced with juggling work and personal tasks. Setting a schedule, limiting distractions, and setting work boundaries are ways we can work productively. There should be a distinction between working hours and “just-being-at-home” hours. To prioritize our mental health, we need to take breaks and recharge for some personal time as well as making ... Read More »

How to Appreciate Life More and Be Grateful | Life Hack

Are you enjoying your life and living to the fullest? If not, Life Hack has listed numerous steps you can take to feel more fulfilled. The most important aspect is remaining grateful and thankful for what you have and the people in your life, even when there are struggles. Giving to others and spending time focusing outside yourself is important ... Read More »

Medal for hero dog Kuno which saved soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan | BBC News

During a raid in Afghanistan, Kuno attacked through the enemy gunfire to save the lives of British soldiers fighting al-Qaeda. He loses both back legs and is now the first military dog who had a custom-made prosthetics and orthotic brace to help his injured limb. He was awarded the Dickin Medal, the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross for his bravery. Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-53949310 Read More »

Watch this old Navy ship get shot up and sunk | Navy Times

The Durham cargo ship retired in 1994 where it has served for 25 years including the Vietnam War. On Sunday, the ex-Durham provided its final service to the nation when it got shot through and sunk during Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) naval exercise. The footage of the sinking exercise was completed in Hawaii and the Navy adhered to environmental ... Read More »

The UK invented the first tanks. Now it may retire them for good | Forbes

The UK is discussing retiring the British tank fleet as a review of defense and foreign policy favors funding for satellites and cyber-warfare. This could make the UK potentially the first major military power to give up on the main battle tank entirely. The tanks have not received any upgrades as compared to their foreign counterparts. With the British economy declining due to Brexit and ... Read More »

Space Force or Air Force-lite? Identity matters | Military Times

Where humans are, the US will set up defense forces. Political and policy discussions about how exactly the Space Force should be run and what it should do is up in the air and not much has been released about it. However, Timothy Cox writes a column for Military Times about his vision for the Space Force. He discusses the ... Read More »

Yet another article about information technology and the character of war | War on the Rocks

Justin Lynch writes for the War on the Rocks and describes war as an unchanging nature. War is violent, interactive, and fundamentally political. War’s character, by contrast, changes, and reflects how technology, law, ethics, and many other factors influence combatants’ use of violence to create political outcomes. He breaks down the history of war in order to capture the use ... Read More »

Despite coup, France and allies push on with new Mali task force | Reuters

The intention of fighting against Islamist militants is still going strong while the French have started to prepare and invited allies to join. They are still doing this despite the overthrowing of the Mali President by a military coup. French forces are planning on working alongside a Mali task force instead of the military coup. The force is expected to ... Read More »

New anti-terrorism operation starts in eastern Turkey | AA Turkey

The operation will take place in eastern Turkey including eastern Mus, Bingol, and southeastern Diyarbakir provinces. The PKK terrorist group run rampant among eastern Turkey. The new operation being named Operation Yildirim-9 Senyayla is going to target the group that is responsible for more than 40,000 deaths. The group is recognized as a terrorist group by the US and the ... Read More »

Worker resilience starts with manager empathy. Learn other top insights from technology and HR leaders about leading today’s workforce. | Business Insider

Working from home may be the safest and flexible work arrangement, but this doesn’t mean that employees don’t feel worried about the uncertainty happening. Managers are encouraged to lead with empathy as everyone faces challenging times when jobs and health is at stake. From a recent panel discussion, “Resilience and the Future of Work”, two experts from Dell Technologies brought to the table how businesses can adapt virtually and prepare their people technologically to go remotely as well as ... Read More »