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More than a million troops to get temporary pay hike with payroll tax deferral — but there’s a catch | Military Times

Troops earning less than $8,666.66 a month will receive an increase in their pay by a little over 6%. This increase was put in place by President Trump and will come from a Social Security payroll tax deferral. The repayment period will begin on January 1st and must be repaid over a span of four months. Currently, the increased pay ... Read More »

Physicists create city-sized ultrasecure quantum network | Scientific American

The need for a secure network is essential for military cyber defense. There has been a development over quantum cryptography to establish a fully encrypted network. Instead of building a quantum network in which nodes are physically connected to all the other nodes, the researchers created one with a central source that sends entangled photons. There are still issues that need to be reviewed like including distances larger than ... Read More »

Military helicopters rescue more than 200 people trapped by wildfire in California | Stars & Stripes

Hundreds of people had to evacuate with help from rescuers in military helicopters. Two people refused to evacuate despite some at the campsite being moderately injured. Officials have said that this situation was an extremely difficult flying mission. Families have been reunited at evacuation centers. In the Town of Big Creek 30 homes have been destroyed. Source: https://www.stripes.com/news/us/military-helicopters-rescue-more-than-200-people-trapped-by-wildfire-in-california-1.644121 Read More »

Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative | Get Rich Slowly

JD Roth shares his experiences on how to gauge net positive or a net negative in our life. Social media, for instance, is either good or bad. It is a useful tool to connect with our loved ones and our customers, but it also increases anxiety and insecurities when engaging with negative comments and different opinions. When rethinking our daily habits, we should consider that the net positives should far outweigh the negatives. Source: https://www.getrichslowly.org/net-negatives/ Read More »

After 18 years as a Navy SEAL, Chad Kuske returned home depressed, anxious and angry. Psilocybin therapy saved him. | Willamette Week

Chad Kuske, a former Navy seal, found out how psilocybin therapy changed his life after years of seeking treatment for PTSD. He admits he is not entirely comfortable being a spokesperson for Oregon’s psilocybin therapy, but this is the only treatment that worked for him. He is continuously undergoing treatments once every three months and has met with 80 veterans who do the same. Source: https://www.wweek.com/culture/2020/09/01/after-18-years-as-a-navy-seal-chad-kuske-returned-home-depressed-anxious-and-angry-psilocybin-therapy-saved-him/   Read More »

What is a mentor and why you should find one for yourself? | Life Hack

Having a mentor is like a having friend who listens and gives the best advice.  We can find mentors in our social media networks as well as engagements in seminars, organizations, and workshops. Mentors can guide your business and relationships because you can learn from their successes and failures too. Source: https://www.lifehack.org/885118/what-is-a-mentor Read More »

The daring nun who hid and saved 83 Jewish children | BBC News

Ninety-year-old HĂ©lĂšne Bach shared her story of how she survived the Holocaust because of a fearless nun who saved her life when she was twelve years old along with her sister Annie. Sister Denise Bergon hid 83 Jewish children from the German occupation in her convent. The children were kept safe in the chapel floor under a trapdoor for five days. Sister Denise Bergon, who died at age 94 in ... Read More »

The strange, sad odyssey of ‘Lawn Chair Larry’ | Medium

Lawrence Richard Walters, popularly known as “Lawnchair Larry”, successfully flew in the sky of July 1982 with 42 balloons and his favorite lawn chair. He called his flying machine Inspiration I. His persistence and dedication draw attention to many. “I didn’t think that by fulfilling my goal in life — my dream — that would create such a stir and make people laugh” ... Read More »

Robert Kehoe, ’Jedburgh’ radioman who jumped into Nazi-controlled France after D-Day, has died | Navy Times

Robert Kehoe was one of the last of the surviving OSS Jedburgh who was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in November 1945. He parachuted into France in June 1944 as the radio operator to assist the forces during the German occupation. “He did very well in his career. He was also a good and thoughtful father, as far as providing me the guidance on ... Read More »

US service member wounded by car bomb and mortar attack in Somalia | Task & Purpose

The United States regularly accompanies and assists Somali forces with missions. A suicide car bomb exploded on Monday near Jana Cabdalle village outside the special forces base. Three Somali special force officers were killed as well as two soldiers of Danab special forces. One Somali and two Danab soldiers were injured and one U.S. officer is being treated for injuries ... Read More »

We are already behind enemy lines: Lessons from the secretive online fight against the Islamic State | We are the Mighty

The U.S. Cyber Command’s fight against the Islamic State is a multi-year campaign taking operations and weaving them in between traditional battle zones. But more importantly the lessons learned from the fight are teaching individuals to change from exclusive planning for major combat operations to exploiting opportunities to operate against the enemy before conventional combat even begins. Joint Task Force ... Read More »

Air Force joins Navy’s search for US sailor reported overboard in Arabian Sea | Stars & Stripes

Search and rescue operations have been active since the alert was sounded in the afternoon on Sunday that there was a man overboard. USS Princeton guided-missile cruiser and The Nimitz began the search for the U.S. service member after a thorough search of the carrier he was aboard. “The ships and aircraft have worked around the clock since the [search ... Read More »

12 Leadership lessons with NerdWallet CEO Tim Chen | Entrepreneur

Tim Chen, the founder of NerdWallet, created his business when he lost his job during the 2008 Financial Crisis. He took this as an opportunity to grow his $800 to a company worth half a billion today. He solved a problem consumers face when scouting for financial products suitable for them. He delivered transparency and built trust with his customers over the years making NerdWallet as a recommended personal ... Read More »