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The Artsakh War brought about Armenia’s first all-women military unit | We Are the Mighty

The Artsakh War brought about the first all-women military unit formed in Armenia. It was spearheaded by Anna Hakobyan, the wife of the Prime Minister where she believes that there must be more opportunities in the military for women alike. Hakobyan created an elite unit of 13 females called the Erato Detachment. It is named under Armenian Queen Erato, who ruled during the turn of the Common Era. The Prime Minister of Armenia ... Read More »

‘We don’t want history to get lost:’ Fort Bragg soldier proposes way to preserve veteran photos | Stars & Stripes

Fort Bragg soldier Sgt. 1st Class Ashely Savage has proposed a new way for veterans, soldiers, and family members to share and save photos. Savage is a public affairs officer with the 3rd Special Forces Group and her idea started when veterans and organizations would send in photos to the military police brigade. “I realized the corps could use a ... Read More »

Teraanga: The word that defines Senegal | BBC Travel

Senegal is a country in West Africa where they always practice the culture of ‘teraanga.” Teraanga emphasizes generosity of spirit and sharing of material possessions in all encounters, even with strangers. The country is known as the “Land of Teraanga” as you would meet people spreading good vibes of looking up to their neighbor and sharing food. This is the Senegalese’s way of life and the true meaning of hospitality is embedded in their identity. ... Read More »

The story of the first special-ops mission deep inside Afghanistan just weeks after 9/11, from troops who were there | Business Insider

On October 19, 2001, Delta Force operators, Rangers, and Night Stalkers completed two raids against the Taliban, which was hosting the Al Qaeda terror group. Two Ranger companies participated in Objective Rhino, where they assaulted an airfield and completed their first combat jump since the invasion of Panama in 1989. Simultaneously, Night Stalkers flew a team of Delta Force operators ... Read More »

Al-Qaida ‘on the ropes’ after 2 decades of war | VOA News

For 20 years the United States has been fighting against the group Al-Qaida in Afghanistan. Those in Washington have assessed the group as not being a huge threat, however others worry that they might be underestimating the group. The group’s leadership has suffered major losses this past year according to research, but it is unclear how many others are lurking ... Read More »

Taliban Defeated in Khandahar Province: MoD | Khaama Press

Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have defeated the Taliban in the Khandahar Province, allowing citizens to reclaim their land. Forces have been dispatched to clear the area for all explosive devices hidden on public roads. Some gardens and crops in the area were ruined as a result of the Taliban activity. The Taliban have yet to comment on ... Read More »

Your one-stop guide to military swim, treading and water survival tests | Military.com

Water survival training programs are a vital element in all fields of military training. As you prepare ahead for this program, Stew Smith collected all materials relevant to your military and survival training. This will help you understand what to expect and mentally prepare yourself for all the physical qualifications needed. Source: https://www.military.com/military-fitness/your-one-stop-guide-military-swim-treading-and-water-survival-tests Read More »

How to get a remote job: Make these changes to your résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn | Huff Post

When looking for remote work, one thing that you must change first is your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Career consultant Fabricia Zanca advised, “You must craft your résumé taking into consideration what the company needs and expects from you to succeed in the role.” Remote job experts emphasized that cover letters should support why you make a good remote worker, ... Read More »

The secret to creating lasting habits | Michael Hyatt

Creating long-lasting habits is the first step to set you up for success. Our subconscious takes over and habits turn to routines that become auto-pilot overtime. Michael Hyatt recommends, “To automate any decision or habit, you need to create a habit loop.” A lot of people aren’t able to successfully create a new habit simply because they don’t give themselves ... Read More »

Is the new COVID tech consumer here to stay? | Medium: Steve Sinclair

The behaviors of consumers have dramatically shifted since COVID-19 happened. From online shopping to online grocery deliveries, we experienced an economy dependent and adapted to technology. It is observed that consumers are trying new technologies and brands and spending more on e-commerce over the past several months. This holds a promising future what these innovations can do to make our ... Read More »