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Russia attempt to halve UN cross-border aid to Syria fails | Aljazeera

Russia is proposing access to only one of the cross-borders for six months. The US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft believes that this could mean life or death for many Syrians. The access to the border to provide support to war-torn Syria expires Friday for the UN. A new draft is being prepared. Source: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/07/russia-attempt-halve-cross-border-aid-syria-fails-200709012042437.html Read More »

A new company-level unit to support information warfare | C4ISRNET

A possible new company-level unit would be activated under the 915th Cyber Warfare Battalion. This would be the third company activated in the past year under the 915th. This is a relatively new battalion that is helping the Army in cyber warfare. A contract has already been awarded to the parent battalion. Source: https://www.c4isrnet.com/information-warfare/2020/07/08/heres-what-tactical-army-cyber-units-will-use-to-conduct-operations/ Read More »

Will You Be Getting A Second Stimulus Check? | Forbes

According to majority Senate leader Mitch McConnell, a second stimulus check is in the works to be debated on July 20th. If the stimulus check is decided on it is likely that it will hit bank accounts in late August. However, the second round of stimulus checks would most likely only go out to families and people who are in ... Read More »

IRS reminds members of the U. S. Armed Forces of special tax breaks, helpful resources | Argus Observer

The IRS breaks down some ways that those in the U.S. Armed Forces can help save money and allocate resources. July 15th is the deadline for this year’s tax season. Many bases offer free help and assistance while filing your taxes. There are guides available online, and some service members might qualify for an extension. Source: https://www.argusobserver.com/news/irs-reminds-members-of-the-u-s-armed-forces-of-special-tax-breaks-helpful-resources/article_79932d6a-c13a-11ea-ad51-b7791f2081ad.html Read More »

Two female airmen reclassify after attempting to complete Special Ops training | Military.com

Since all roles in the military were opened to everyone regardless of gender, very few women have been able to complete training and qualify for a SOF position. In March, it was reported that two women have completed the Special Warfare Prep Course, but the women are now being forced to reclassify after they were not selected to continue during ... Read More »

FBI director: China is ‘greatest threat’ to US | BBC News

The FBI director Christopher Wray was speaking to the Hudson Institute when he revealed that the FBI was dealing with a new counterintelligence report from China every 10 hours, and half of all counterintelligence reports are coming from China. He also talked about an effort that China initiated to blackmail those living abroad from China who speak out against the ... Read More »

Duterte’s four years in power — extrajudicial killings, rights abuses and terror | DW News

Duterte’s handling of his police force has been under fire after many arrests ended up in killings. Duterte claims that his arrests are only being made to prevent crime and high drug trafficking, and argues the ratio of death to arrests as being understandable. The review cited him as being heavy handed and supportive of systematic ongoing widespread killing done ... Read More »

15 of the most surprising companies that the Small Business Administration listed as paycheck protection loan recipients | Business Insider

While it easy to think that big companies might have the money to back up pandemics like this, the reality is no one was really prepared for Covid-19. Business Insider examined some of the most surprising businesses that took out loans in order to keep paying their employees and just how much money they took out. Some of these include ... Read More »

Men’s clothier Brooks Brothers files for bankruptcy | Reuters

A company that has been producing nice suits and dress shirts are now filing for bankruptcy. Brooks Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday. This company was established over 200 years ago and has dressed many presidents. Brooks Brothers is one of many companies that have felt the implications of COVID-19 and were forced to file for bankruptcy. The ... Read More »

FSB and mercenaries as forbidden ground? Russian military expert convicted of treason | Belsat News

Neyelove has been accused of treason by a court in Saint Petersburg. He pled partially guilty to giving a German consulting company information in exchange for financial compensation about Russian FSB officers. This case is classified as top secret and the court doors were closed to the public. Source: https://belsat.eu/en/news/fsb-and-mercenaries-as-forbidden-ground-russian-military-expert-convicted-of-treason/ Read More »