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Good leadership is about asking good questions | Harvard Business Review

Good leadership understands the power of asking good questions. Leaders who are willing to listen and learn from consumers, from their people, have a higher chance of success in innovating their business. Research has shown that expressing vulnerability and asking for help is a strong signal to others that you are trusting, and you’re more likely to be trusted in return. ... Read More »

Go back to fitness basics in 2021 | Military.com

The pandemic has disrupted most gym centers leaving us with no choice to do our exercises at home. If part of your goals for 2021 is to get back in shape and start again, Stew Smith recommends the basic training you can do at the comfort of your home. What is important is you start now and you will eventually ... Read More »

AFAFRICA commander reaffirms U.S. military commitment to North Africa | DVIDS

Gen. Jeff Harrigian, U.S. Air Force Europe and Air Forces Africa commander, traveled to Camp Lemonnier from January 4- 7. During his trip, Gen. Harrigian recognized the outstanding accomplishments of service members at Camp Lemonnier and discussed key policy initiatives focused on strengthening partnerships with Tunisia and Algeria. Harrigian spoke to the key leaders about the U.S. commitment to its ... Read More »

The chef preserving Canada’s Indigenous identity | BBC Travel

Marie-Cecile Nottaway is an award-winning chef who represented Canada’s Indigenous people, the Algonquin. She holds five prizes including the Ottawa Rising Stars Award and the Young Entrepreneurs Award of Quebec. But before this fame, Nottaway has always been grounded to her roots where her family taught her traditional way of cooking. In 2009, she opened her own company, Wawatay Catering, which means ... Read More »

Parler sues Amazon for suspending app from cloud service, claims antitrust violation and breach of contract | Fox News

Parler is claiming that Amazon Web Services is violating the Sherman Antitrust Act in newly filed lawsuit. “AWS’s decision to effectively terminate Parler’s account is apparently motivated by political animus,” Parler commented. This comes after Apple and Google also took action against the social media platform following the riot at the Capital. They suspended Parler from their app stores for ... Read More »

Somalia: Danab forces destroy VBIED in Lower Shabelle | All Africa

A vehicle was rigged with homemade explosive devices in the Lower Shabelle region by terrorists before being disarmed and destroyed by Danab forces. “They were planning massive operations and suicide car bombings against the people of Somalia,” commented Ahmed Abdullahi Nur, commander of the unit. He also mentioned how his unit had been trained by U.S. operators to manage these ... Read More »

A small bureaucratic change at the Pentagon hints a major shift for US special-operations units | Business Insider

The Defense Department is working towards focusing on irregular warfare as China and Russia do the same. These advisories have been using unconventional methods to achieve their goals without rallying their military. Russia utilizes social media and their Wagner mercenary group to achieve strategic goals while China has been using development aid in Africa to secure geopolitical influence and resources. ... Read More »

How to pay off credit card debt fast: 7 powerful tips | Life Hack

Paying off debt obligations is one step forward to achieve financial independence.  If you want to pay off your credit card quickly, it requires discipline and proper financial budgeting. You can start with paying above the minimum due and working towards the debt avalanche method. This means that you try to pay off the bill with the highest interest payment ... Read More »

How to prepare for Army Green Beret training | Military.com

If you want to be a Green Beret, you must pass first the Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course (SFAS). This course requires a minimum score of 260 in the basic physical fitness for the 17-to-21 age group. After completing SFAS, you will be selected by the Army SF instructors to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) that can last from 6 ... Read More »

4 Steps for improving company culture in 2021 | Entrepreneur

2020 has been a wake-up call for many companies to alter systems and adapt to market and economic changes. The importance of company culture should be given much more attention because remote work has set people physically distant to collaborate. Defining a company identity unifies people to work towards the same vision and making the culture of continuous communication direct ... Read More »

New reserve parachute testing seeks to eliminate potential premature activations | US Army

The Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate (ABNSOTD) conducted 23 risk reduction jumps with the T-11R Single Pin Troop reserve parachute. This test will ensure that the parachute works from both rotary winged and fixed-winged high-performance aircraft to eliminate the potential for premature reserve activations. All airdrop test iterations were airdropped with Soldiers in full combat equipment as if they ... Read More »