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Army’s next squad weapon will fire a never-before-seen ammo combination | Army Times

The Army’s plan for a new squad automatic rifle will bring a type of ammunition combination, from bullet to casing, that’s never seen the battlefield. Army Lt. Col. Andrew Lunoff, product manager for the service’s small caliber ammunition program, said that the round currently under consideration is the 6.8mm caliber. Lunoff was speaking on a panel on intermediate caliber development at the annual National Defense Industrial ... Read More »

3-D printing of weapons threatens security on global, national and personal level | Science Daily

While advances in additive manufacturing offer potential breakthroughs in prosthetic arms or jet engine parts, 3D printing, as it is known, may also accelerate weapons proliferation. A new RAND Corporation paper suggests additive manufacturing could benefit military adversaries, violent extremists and even street criminals, who could produce their own weapons for use and sale. 3D printing technology is also susceptible ... Read More »

Navy SEAL to Receive Medal of Honor for Heroism in Afghanistan | Military.com

A Navy SEAL who led a risky assault on a mountain peak to rescue a stranded teammate in Afghanistan in 2002 will receive the Medal of Honorlater this week, according to a White House announcement. Retired Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Britt K. Slabinski will receive the military’s highest honor May 24, according to the announcement. According to the White House release, Slabinski ... Read More »


Maritime hybrid warfare is upon us, so proclaimed James Stavridis, a retired United States Navy admiral. “(I)t will sail out to sea and prove a formidable challenge,” he contended in a December 2016 Proceedingsarticle. According to security analyst Frank Hoffman, a hybrid opponentis one that “simultaneously and adaptively employs a fused mix of conventional weapons, irregular tactics, terrorism, and criminal behavior in the ... Read More »

12-man rifle squads, including a squad systems operator, commandant says | Marine Corps Times

 The Marine Corps rifle squad has lost a member but will gain a suite of capabilities in a servicewide initiative to bring powerful tools from information to precision fires to the lowest echelons of combat. Commandant Robert B. Neller told a crowd of hundreds at the Marine Corps Association and Foundation Annual Ground Awards Dinner on Thursday that the new configuration would consist of three, three-Marine ... Read More »

Gunship Crews Practice Extra Vigilance Amid Jamming in Syria | Military.com

The electronic jamming signals affecting AC-130gunships over Syria may have crews checking and cross-checking their data, including target information, before they lock on with their cannons, according to a top commander here. “Whether that’s being man-made, or maybe it’s a mistake inside the airplane, it’s hard to say sometimes, but the process is, as you see those things pop up, the ... Read More »

The Battle of Kamdesh, which netted two Medals of Honor, is coming to the big screen ― twice | Army Times

Orlando Bloom and Scott Eastwood have signed up to play two heroes of the war in Afghanistan in “The Outpost,” adapted from CNN host Jake Tapper’s 673-page complete history of the legendary Combat Outpost Keating, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The announcement comes six months after Deadline reported that “Red Platoon,” the memoir by Medal of Honor recipient and former Staff Sgt. Clint Romesha, would enter the ... Read More »

Gun-maker Beretta says it’s found the ‘key to penetrating markets’ | Defense News

Italian gun-maker Beretta is eyeing a new technology transfer deal with Argentina after concluding a similar deal with Qatar, claiming handing over technology to allow international customers to build their own guns is the future. The firm is looking at transferring technology to Argentinian state manufacturer Fabricaciones Militares for the production of handguns and assault rifles, said Carlo Ferlito, vice president ... Read More »

Army Green Berets reportedly helped destroy missile threats on Saudi border | Military Times

Late last year, a team of Army Green Berets reportedly arrived in Saudi Arabia to help locate and destroy caches of ballistic missiles and launch sites along the country’s border with Yemen. Knowledge of the operations was provided by U.S. officials and European diplomats to The New York Times. If true, the missions may contradict official statements from Pentagon officials saying U.S. military ... Read More »

Multinational airborne Rangers exchange wings at Joint Warfighting Assessment | DVIDS News

The jump was an added bonus to the training the two units had been conducting as part of the Joint Warfighting Assessment, a massive training exercise involving more than 4,800 troops from 10 partner nations conducted at Hohenfels and Grafenwoehr training areas. The objectives of the assessment were three-fold – training readiness, future force development, and interoperability with allies in ... Read More »


As the pre-dawn twilight crept over an Afghan mountainside, an Air Force commando named Jay huddled in the snow, listening to a distressed voice crackle over his radio, then fade away. Moments later, he says, the voice came again, breaking through the static in little more than an anguished whisper: “This is Mako Three Zero Charlie…. This is Mako Three ... Read More »

Hooksett company supplying military special operators with high-tech, lightweight collapsible ladder | NH Union Leader

The people product-testing a lightweight collapsible ladder had good reason for interrupting their work. “The same guys who are testing it are actually fighting wars, so they would disappear for six months and you wouldn’t get a simple answer,” said Jason Cardinal, director of engineering at Pilot Innovations. They were members of the U.S. Navy’s special forces. What they were ... Read More »