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How will the withdrawal of US troops affect Afghanistan? | RTE

US President Donald Trump’s surprise announcement about withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan has already had implications. The decision has forced Trump’s Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis to resign citing policy differences. While the US maintained a reported presence of just around 2,000 troops in Syria, including special forces, there are about 14,000 American soldiers in Afghanistan with half of them ... Read More »

“Making A Night Stalker” Is a Rare Insight into The Elite 160th SOAR Nightstalkers | The Aviationist

The best books do several things. They tell a well-paced, compelling story. They bring the reader into the action. In non-fiction, they tell a story never told before or, told from a different perspective. And finally, the plot ends with a twist that makes every page memorable. Author and former special operations helicopter crew chief David Burnett’s new book, “Making ... Read More »

Eastern Shore restaurant raises $111,000 to support Navy SEALS

An oyster roast fundraiser hosted by the Island House Restaurant in Wachapreague raised more than $111,000 for the Navy SEAL Foundation. The 7th annual Island House Restaurant Oyster Roast netted a massive $111,075.28 in a single day for the SEAL foundation that supports the special warfare community and families. More Read More »

Exposure to cannabis alters the genetic profile of sperm | Science Daily

As legal access to marijuana continues expanding across the U.S., more scientists are studying the effects of its active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in teens, adults and pregnant women. New research from Duke Health suggests men in their child-bearing years should also consider how THC could impact their sperm and possibly the children they conceive during periods when they’ve been using ... Read More »