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The smart alternative to starting a business with a loan | Forbes

Starting a business with a loan can be risky knowing that the agreement may require you to have a personal guarantee or pay interest when you are just starting. One alternative to building funds for your business idea is through your connections and crowdfunding. You pre-sell and raise funds to launch your idea. They can also give you feedback on ... Read More »

Think for yourself | Leading Blog

Harvard University lecturer Vikram Mansharamani shares in his book how we need to be cautious about how we take on decisions in this Age of Experts and Artificial Intelligence. Some of our decisions are so dependent on other’s expertise or opinion that we lose our vision. The author said, “The key is to step back and ask: What are you losing ... Read More »

Bring US operational training and experimentation into the 21st century | Defense News

The United States and its allies in the Asia-Pacific region face increasing threats as neighboring enemies are developing new capabilities and upgrades within their military forces. Thomas Mahnken and Regan Copple highly suggest conducting operational training, experimentation, and collaboration to meet today’s challenges and prepare for those of the future. Currently, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command has recognized these trends and created Pacific Multi-Domain ... Read More »

Former Tuskegee Airman Frank Macon dies at 97 | Air Force Times

Former Tuskegee Airman Franklin Macon died Sunday night in his home in Colorado Springs at the age of 97. Tuskegee Airmen are among the first nation’s group of African American fighter pilots. Macon enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1943 and he began his military flight training the next year as part of Tuskegee’s Class 45A. Macon established ... Read More »

Legendary Arecibo Telescope Will Close Forever, and Scientists Are Reeling | Scientific American

The Arecibo telescope was built in 1963 as the world’s largest radio telescope located in Puerto Rico. It has contributed historical importance in science, planetary defense, and for Puerto Rico. The US National Science Foundation (NSF) has decided to permanently close the site as the cable was damaged beyond repair according to engineers. The first cable smashed panels at the ... Read More »

CIA officer killed in combat in Somalia | CNN

A senior administration official announced that a CIA officer was killed in Somalia during combat. The officer was a former Navy SEAL and was wounded during an operation with Somalian forces, where he later died from the injuries. US Special Operations forces have worked closely with Somalian troops, and while they often try to let them take the lead, US ... Read More »

This heroic military dog ran through a hail of bullets to take out a gunman who had his team pinned down in a fierce firefight | Business Insider

Kuno, a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, ran through enemy gunfire to take down the fighters after they had pinned down British Special Forces. Kuno was shot twice in his hind legs but still neutralized the enemy. He was evacuated to the US Army Veterinary Treatment Facility in Afghanistan and received multiple surgeries. Kuno is now retired and has two prosthetic limbs. ... Read More »

The Amazon’s mouth-watering fifth flavor | BBC Travel

Black tucupi is a thick, umami-rich sauce that has been made by indigenous communities across the Amazon as far as Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Black tucupi is also known as Tucupi pixuna, tucupi negro, kumaji, ají negro, kanyzi pudidy, and cassareep. They are extracted from the bitter manioc juice simmered down from a yellow liquid into a dark ... Read More »