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Department of Defense awards Hamilton Lugar School’s Language Training Center $1.26 million | Indiana Daily Student

The US Department of Defense gave Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies 1.26 million dollars in hopes of advancing its language training center program. This school helps train soldiers in new areas of language. The money will be used to hire new instructors with diverse language backgrounds including French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Source: https://www.idsnews.com/article/2020/06/department-of-defense-awards-hamilton-lugar-schools-language-training-center-1-26-million Read More »

This guerrilla army has been fighting a war for almost 60 years | The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast was able to score an interview with the comandante Uriel, the leader of the western war front of the National Liberation Army. In the interview he talks about revolutionary moments in the political climate and outrage over racial injustice going on in America. The main goal of the group according to the interview is socialism. Source: https://www.thedailybeast.com/this-colombian-guerrilla-army-has-been-fighting-a-war-for-almost-60-years Read More »

What you need to know about private military contractors backing Libya’s rebels | Small Wars Journal

The U.S Military Africa Command announced that mercenaries from Russia’s Wagner group is getting help from Russian jets in their fight against the government of national accord in Libya. The announcement was made in May after an alleged report coming from the UN pointing to another group of mercenaries being loyal to GNA. Libya has been fighting a civil war ... Read More »

Moscow plans enhanced military basing in Syria – analysis | Eurasia Review

Russia is expanding its military presence in Syria. President Vladimir Putin on May 29th instructed their defense to aim for expanding military basing rights. These plans are likely to include both ports and ground based facilities. This also includes the bases in Latakia and Tartus being expanded to increase performance levels and boost functionality according to Yury Shvitkin, vice chair ... Read More »

How to buy a used rental car and potentially save thousands as companies like Hertz go bankrupt | Business Insider

One of the biggest names in the rental car business, Hertz, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after the COVID-19 pandemic wrecked the travel industry. Many had to cancel their vacation plans leaving Hertz out of revenue. While Hertz is going bankrupt this might provide consumers with a new opportunity to buy used cars at lower prices. Business Insider walks readers ... Read More »

Bell Textron delivers 400th V-22 Osprey tiltroter aircraft | UPI

A plane with special vertical lift off capabilities just was delivered to the Department of Defense. The manufacturer Bell Textron Inc. announced this on Wednesday. The V-22 Osprey was received on June 2nd. According to Col. Mathew Kelley, v-22 Joint Program Office Program manager, this plane continues to be in high demand and helps assist the U.S. and its allies. ... Read More »

We found the 30 best American cities to live in after the pandemic | Business Insider

Polls have shown that after the COVID-19 outbreak many Americans have been thinking about re-locating. COVID-19 has changed the way we think about work with many working from home. As restrictions ease and some business start bringing their employees back into the office, some might now prefer working from home. Business Insider compiled a list of places that have accessibility ... Read More »

The Army Green Beret who suggested Colin Kaepernick kneel in protest is still surprised by the backlash it drew | Business Insider

The person who advised Kaepernick was a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces. The man is Nate Boyer. Kaepernick contacted him for advice and Boyer suggested that kneeling may be more respectful than sitting or walking out during the National Anthem. As conversations rise about how people should be protesting against the killing of George Floyd, Kaepernick is ... Read More »

Eddie Gallagher, wife launch Pipe Hitter Foundation to support military families defending themselves in court | Fox News

The foundation is founded by the retired Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher and his wife Andrea. Gallagher was previously put on trial for war crimes including the killing and stabbing of a teenage Islamic fighter and taking a picture with a corpse. President Donald Trump took interest in the case and prevented the Navy from seeking disciplinary action as well as ... Read More »

Military tragedy remembered in Townsville | 9 News

This tragedy would go down in history as the worst peacetime loss of life for the Australian Defense Force. The tragedy occurred when two aircrafts in a six aircraft formation collided into each other in the air. Among the lives lost were soldiers from the Army’s 5th Aviation Regiment along with the Australian Defense force. Currently this training exercise has ... Read More »

Immunity to the coronavirus remains a mystery. Scientists are trying to crack the case | STAT News

Understanding what makes someone immune is a crucial part of understanding how the vaccines should work. Currently, there are being clinical trials held for vaccine candidates. Scientist are using how our bodies protect itself against other diseases related to the coronaviruses to guide them on the answer to the vaccine for COVID-19. They found that the anti-bodies have shown that ... Read More »

Trump taps Afghanistan war critic tata for Pentagon policy post | Bloomberg

Anthony Tata is a retired Army brigadier general nominated by President Donald Trump. He retired in 2009 and since then has ran his own business sand have held many leadership roles in North Carolina. Last year he was granted a top-secret clearance and supports replacing troops in Afghanistan with military contractors. Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-10/trump-taps-afghanistan-war-critic-tata-for-pentagon-policy-post Read More »