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The time the Corps wore shoulder unit patches | Marine Corps Times

For years in Afghanistan and Iraq, Marine special operators were hounded for sporting the iconic Raider patch on their camouflage utilities. However, the Corps actually has a short history of unit shoulder patches that starts in World War I with the beloved 13th commandant of the Marine Corps. During one of the greatest wars in Europe, like the Army, the Marines wore ... Read More »

Russian Soldiers Are Complaining About Exploding Guns | War is Boring

Russian infantry weapons have a reputation for reliability. The AK and PKM are renowned for enduring through adverse conditions, powered by their powerful long-stroke piston actions. However, a recent report by warhead.su suggests that when these weapons do fail in Russian service, the problem is often not in their design, but rather in the Russian ammunition they fire. This is not a ... Read More »

Double amputee Xia Boyu makes history on Everest summit | BBC News

A Chinese climber who was crippled by frostbite on Everest more than 40 years ago has scaled the summit at the start of this year’s climbing season. In 1975, Xia Boyu lost his feet after giving his sleeping bag to a sick teammate during a high-altitude storm. Now aged 69, he became the second double amputee to scale Everest – ... Read More »

US, Italian Rangers fight together at JWA | DVIDS NEWS

U.S. Army Rangers assigned to 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and Rangers from the Italian Army 4th Alpini Paratroopers Regiment participated in the Joint Warfighting Assessment April 6-26, 2018 at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany. JWA is a signature multinational training event which focuses on joint and multinational interoperability. The exercise provides units with a venue to ... Read More »

Nigerian Air Force Deploys Special Forces To Taraba | TV360 Nigeria

The Nigerian AirForce has deployed its Special Forces to the newly established 23 Quick Response Wing (QRW), Nguroje in Taraba State. The deployment is in a bid to ensure that the Nigerian Air Force acts efficiently and effectively to Nigeria’s security imperatives. The troops who were trained personnel are set to operate alongside other security agencies within the theatre of ... Read More »

EXCLUSIVE: Legendary Green Beret Explains Why Waterboarding Breaks Terrorists | Daily Caller

  Former MMA fighter and Green Beret Tim Kennedy wasn’t joking around when he said waterboarding isn’t torture. The legendary special forces sniper caused an uproar last week when he tried to end the debate on waterboarding. “Waterboarding is not torture,” he tweeted. “In exchange for cooking my best friend elk tacos he is going to Waterboard me for an ... Read More »

Hudson introduces tax cut for special operations | Independent Tribune

U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) introduced the Special Operations Forces Tax Cut Act, or H.R. 5747, legislation to ensure special operators who are serving in combat receive the same tax relief: “America’s military conducts global operations that don’t easily fit into one nation or geographic region,” Hudson said. “Oftentimes, it’s our special operations forces who serve in these dangerous corners ... Read More »

A veil of secrecy fuels doubts on Afghan war | Boston Globe

It is challenging enough that the war in Afghanistan has gone on for almost 17 years. But now the Trump administration is raising hackles in Congress by cloaking in official secrecy an unusual amount of data about the longest armed conflict in American history, including, until very recently, the dwindling size of the beleaguered Afghan military. Information contained in a ... Read More »

Flood gates could open on US drone sales to the Middle East | Defense News

U.S. drone sales could heat up in the Middle East as the Trump Administration moves to relax unmanned aircraft export policies abroad for non-NATO countries. And while Jordan prominently displayed one of its Chinese drones that looks eerily similar to a Reaper unmanned aircraft system right next to its new colossal Russian-made Mi-26 Halo cargo helicopter at the Special Operations ... Read More »

Email encryption systems ‘irreparably broken’: German researchers | DW

Encryption used by most email software — from Outlook and Windows Mail to Thunderbird and Apple Mail — can be intercepted by hackers who can read at least parts of the written text, a German-led research team announced on Monday. Academics from MĂŒnster University of Applied Sciences, along with their peers at Ruhr University Bochum and KU Leuven in Belgium, ... Read More »

US military suspends 2 special operations members in Africa | Military Times

The U.S. military says the head of Special Operations Command Africa has suspended a regional commander and an enlisted adviser over alleged misconduct and sent them back to the United States. SOCA spokesman Maj. Casey Osborne tells The Associated Press the suspension of the Special Operations Command Forward-East Africa commander and the adviser happened Thursday. He gave no details. The ... Read More »

Report: Special ops Marines under scrutiny, along with Navy SEALs, in Green Beret’s death | Army Times

For nearly a year, the investigation into the strangling death of a Green Beret deployed to Africa has centered around two Navy SEALs he lived with at the time of his death. But new reports indicate that at least two Marines may have been present during the alleged incident. NBC News reported this week that five defense officials, who were ... Read More »

Commandos Buying Thousands of Small Missiles That Pack A Bigger Punch Than Hellfires | Breaking Defense

Small insurgent groups have long used speed and distance to try and outrun American precision-guided weapons launched from loitering drones and attack aircraft. But a new weapon being employed by U.S. special operators is trying to erase that tactic from their playbook. A lightweight glide missile, smaller and more powerful than a Hellfire and fired from a C-130 gunship tens ... Read More »