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Watch Green Berets demonstrate a lot of cool firepower | We Are the Mighty

When you think about United States Army Special Forces personnel, the Green Berets stand out. We’ve heard the stories of their heroism, ranging Dick Balwanz and ODA 525 surviving against outrageous odds during Desert Storm to the acts of Gary Beikirch during the Vietnam War. They are very well trained (as the famous song says, “100 men we’ll test today, only three win ... Read More »

Civil Affairs Aids in Shaping Successful SOF Operations at Allied Spirit VIII | DVIDS News

Allied Spirit is a series of U.S. Army Europe-directed, 7th Army Training Command multinational exercises. Allied Spirit VII included approximately 4,100 participants from 10 nations. The CA team from the Michigan-based 415th met with the mayor within the simulated town of Enslwang, as a means to gain situational awareness and open communication pathways between U.S., partner nation forces and the ... Read More »

Army: No more kissing soldiers on St. Patrick’s in Savannah | Army Times

The Army wants to halt a favorite St. Patrick’s Day shenanigan in Savannah that for decades has left marching soldiers with lipstick-smeared cheeks. Roughly 200 soldiers from nearby Fort Stewart are expected to march in the coastal Georgia city’s sprawling St. Patrick’s Day parade March 17. Traditionally, women wearing bright lipstick dart from the crowd to plant kisses on the ... Read More »

Hypersonics ‘highest technical priority’ for Pentagon R&D head | Defense News

 As China and Russia threaten to overtake the U.S. with new technologies, development of hypersonic capabilities is the “highest technical priority” for Michael Griffin, the Pentagon’s new undersecretary of defense for research and engineering. “I’m sorry for everybody out there who champion some other high priority, some technical thing; it’s not that I disagree with those. But there has to be a first, and ... Read More »

Who’s a good boy? Why ‘dog-speak’ is important for bonding with your pet | Science Daily

Scientists at the University of York have shown that the way we speak to our canine friends is important in relationship-building between pet and owner, similar to the way that ‘baby-talk’ is to bonding between a baby and an adult. Speech interaction experiments between adult dogs and humans showed that so called “dog-speak” improves attention and may help humans to ... Read More »

These are the rules NATO allies have about growing beards | We Are the Mighty

The U.S. military had a long tradition of glorious beards — until WWI when the need for properly sealed gas masks outweighed the benefits of intimidation through superior facial hair. Today, deployed special-operations troops and troops in outlying FOBs or submarines have some leniency, but it all depends on what your rank and unit can afford. Exceptions can be made for religious or medical ... Read More »

Congress grills Marines over M27 | Marine Corps Times

Marine commanders were grilled by members of Congress on Tuesday over their decision to seek a single-source contract from a foreign company to procure the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle, or IAR. The Corps is seeking to procure nearly 15,000 Heckler & Koch M27 rifles to field to the infantry. But the nearly $3,000 automatic rifle is being sourced to a German company, an ... Read More »

A CEO’s Brief Guide to Intelligence: “Not Just for Three-Letter Agencies” | The Cipher Brief

Presidents and generals depend upon timely intelligence to shape their decisions in a world of ambiguity, hostile actors and disinformation. The savviest leaders in the private sector do the same. Governments have broad intelligence authorities and powerful tools unavailable to the private sector, but they do not have a monopoly on the application of intelligence methodology and tradecraft. Your company ... Read More »

Amid renewed scrutiny, Erik Prince to host fundraiser for Russia-friendly congressman | CNN Politics

Blackwater founder Erik Prince will host a fundraiser this month for Russia-friendly Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, as Prince faces new questions over a 2017 meeting currently being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller. Prince and Rohrabacher have been friends and mutual supporters for years: Prince interned for the California congressman on Capitol Hill in 1990, and Rohrabacher vigorously defended Prince ... Read More »

Air Force Nutritionists Develop Better Diet for Special Operators | U.S. Department of Defense

Air Force special operations forces project airpower onto the battlefield. Dozens of different factors may influence their performance, but there’s one area that can be easily overlooked: nutrition. Airmen from across the United States came to Hurlburt Field to prepare a healthy menu for Emerald Warrior 18, catering the menu to the dietary needs of special tactics operators participating in ... Read More »

US Special Operators Want a Super Vehicle They Can Disguise As Different Civilian Trucks | The Drive

To give special operators’ a better option when they need to move around discreetly in foreign locales, U.S. Special Operations Command has purchased hundreds of modified commercial pickups and sport utility vehicles over the years.  But with multiple different types from different manufacturers in service, this fleet has become increasingly complicated and expensive to maintain and now the command wants new, ... Read More »

U.S., South Korea plan massive joint military exercise to start end of March | NBC News

Annual U.S. and South Korean military exercises could begin as early as the end of this month, say three U.S. defense officials. Foal Eagle, a yearly exercise with the South Korean military, is now scheduled to begin on March 31 and run through May. The exercise, which the U.S. military describes as defensive in nature, involves thousands of U.S. troops ... Read More »