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How tax brackets actually work | VOX

A few weeks ago, we published a quick visual explainer on how tax brackets actually work. It was in reaction to this tweet from Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), who implied that Democrats — specifically Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) — want to take away 70 percent of Americans’ income. More   Read More »

Go inside a $45 million car collection with over 450 cars | Business Insider |

Harry Kersh: I’m Harry, and today we’re gonna take you for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at one of Europe’s biggest car collections. The 450-plus car collection is owned by businessman Rodger Dudding. He’s been collecting cars for 50 years and has quite the collection of rare rides spanning from 1918 all the way to the present day. Rodger estimates his ... Read More »

Wife of Green Beret Matthew Golsteyn, accused of murdering suspected Taliban bomb maker, hits back at Army’s tactics | FOX |

The wife of a decorated former Green Beret officer who has been charged in the death of a suspected Taliban bomb maker defended her husband and hit back at the Army’s tactics against him on Sunday. Julie, the wife of Major Matthew Golsteyn, said her husband submitted a letter on Friday calling for the charges against him to be dismissed ... Read More »

7 SEALs granted immunity in Iraq war crimes prosecutions

New details in the case against a Navy SEAL charged with multiple war crimes emerged this week during a marathon motion hearing at Naval Base San Diego. The hearing Friday revealed that seven Navy SEALs have been granted immunity to testify for the prosecution during the upcoming trial of Edward R. Gallagher, a chief special warfare operator alleged to have ... Read More »

Special Operations Meets Human Trafficking | The Cypher Brief

In the United States, which is fertile ground for human trafficking, some groups of former special operations professionals are utilizing the skills honed overseas, back home, with a mission to better train, equip and advise local law enforcement officers on how to identify and tackle the issue in their own towns.More.   Read More »