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Do Israel’s Targeted Killings Work? | The National Interest

Israeli investigative journalist Ronen Bergman’s Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations is a remarkable work of nonfiction. Written like a fast-paced thriller, it provides a detailed history and analysis of almost all of Israel’s major (successful and unsuccessful) attempts to assassinate its presumed enemies. These include the killing of Abu Jihad, the PLO’s de facto military chief; ... Read More »

Facebook explored unpicking personalities to target ads | BBC News

Facebook has considered profiling its users’ personalities and using the information to target adverts. A patent filed by the social network describes how personality characteristics,including emotional stability, could be determined from people’s messages and status updates. The firm is currently embroiled in a privacy scandal over the use of its data by a political consultancy. Facebook says it has never used ... Read More »

Google has more information on you than Facebook, but users and investors don’t seem to mind | CNBC

Google has more information on users than Facebook, notes one venture capitalist. “If you think Facebook knows a lot about you, try Google,” Kevin Landis, CEO and chief investment officer of Firsthand Capital Management, told CNBC’s “Closing Bell” on Monday. “They know every search you’ve ever made and everywhere your Android phone has ever been.” Despite people’s fear of privacy disclosures after ... Read More »

Pentagon completes probe into ambush deaths of 4 US soldiers in Niger | Washington Examiner

The U.S. military’s investigation into last year’s ambush in Niger, in which four U.S. soldiers were killed, has been completed and the notification of families has begun, the Pentagon said Monday. “We’re currently in the process of briefing the families of those fallen soldiers in order to provide them with the results of the investigation,” said Col. Rob Manning, a ... Read More »

Congresswoman wants Navy to help fight Mexican sewage spills | The San Diego Tribune

Rep. Susan Davis wants the Navy to study the impact of Mexican sewage spills on the new $1 billion SEAL training center. Davis, a San Diego Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, has grown concerned about untreated sewage leaking from Tijuana’s aging and overworked wastewater collection and treatment system, a problem exacerbated by surges of fecal contamination when Mexican pipes break, ... Read More »

Michael Healy, Army major general who led Green Berets in Vietnam, dies at 91 | The Washington Post

Michael D. Healy, an Army major general and highly decorated counterinsurgency expert who retired as the top-ranking Green Beret and a legend in the Special Forces, died April 14 at a hospital in Jacksonville, Fla. He was 91. He suffered a heart attack, said his wife, Jacklyn Healy. He had previously undergone two bypass surgeries, and for years wore dog ... Read More »

Del Mar Country Club Golf Tournament supports Navy SEALS and their families | KUSI News

KUSI’s Dave Scott was live at the Del Mar Country Club’s Golf Tournament and Fundraiser Gala which supports Navy SEALS and their families. Sports celebrities and prominent military figures joined forces for the 2018 Del Mar Country Club Golf Tournament and Dinner-Gala, set to be held at the famed Del Mar Country Club on Saturday, April 21. Co-hosted by Madeleine Pickens ... Read More »

108 retired military officers urge Senate to probe CIA nominee Gina Haspel’s ties to torture | Washington Examiner

More than 100 retired military officers sent a letter to the Senate Monday saying they are “deeply concerned” by the nomination of Gina Haspel to lead the CIA. Their letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee calls for an examination of Haspel and any ties she may have had during her CIA career to harsh 9/11-era interrogation techniques that many consider ... Read More »

Palestinian lecturer and Hamas member killed in Malaysia | BBC News

A Palestinian professor and member of the Hamas militant organisation has been killed in a drive-by shooting on the streets of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. The family of Fadi al-Batsh, 35, has accused Israel’s spy agency Mossad of being behind his killing on Saturday. Malaysian officials said the suspects are believed to have links to a foreign intelligence agency. ... Read More »

New airborne ruck for paratroopers goes to the 82nd this year | Army Times

Members of the 82nd Airborne Division will be the first soldiers to field a new rucksack designed specifically for airborne operations. The ruck borrows from both the ALICE and MOLLE systems. The Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment 4000 was designed for airborne but can be used by ground pounders as well, said Rich Landry, with load carriage systems for the product manager that oversees soldier clothing and ... Read More »

Deedrick to lead 1st Special Forces Command | The Fayetteville Observer

Brig. Gen. Edwin J. Deedrick Jr. will become the new leader of 1st Special Forces Command later this year, the Pentagon announced earlier this month. Deedrick, who is promotable to major general, will replace the current commanding general, Maj. Gen. Francis M. Beaudette, according to a list of new general officer assignments released by the Army. Several other Fort Bragg ... Read More »