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Italy arrests dozens of suspected Mafia members in two operations | OCCRP

Police¬†in Sicily raided¬†over 60 homes and arrested 45 people¬†in relation to the¬†Mafia.¬†In Germany the clan leader¬†was¬†arrested.¬†Costra Nostra¬†is responsible for drug trafficking¬†and¬†the use of firearms as well as corruption. This was all done in a¬†two-part¬†operation¬†during the¬†second phase called operation¬†Ultra. This was led¬†out by the Italian¬†Special¬†Operation Department of¬†the Carabinieri and the German¬†Bundeskriminalamt¬†along with the¬†Landeskriminalamt¬†of¬†Niedersachasen.¬†¬†¬† Source:¬†https://www.occrp.org/en/daily/12687-italy-arrests-dozens-of-suspected-mafia-members-in-two-operations¬† Read More »

Landslide at Myanmar jade mine kills at least 162 | NPR News

As a result¬†of¬†recent¬†heavy¬†rains,¬†a landslide occurred¬†in Myanmar near an active mine.¬†Twelve¬†hours later rescue teams found over 100 bodies.¬†This would hit the mining industry as one of the¬†deadliest¬†days with 162 deaths in 54 people left injured.¬†Witnesses captured¬†videos and photos of the tragedy¬†and¬†posted¬†them¬†on Twitter.¬† Source:¬†https://www.npr.org/2020/07/02/886963705/landslide-at-myanmar-jade-mine-kills-at-least-162?sc=18&f=1001¬† Read More »

Asia Today: Kim urges North Koreans to keep up virus fight | AP News

North Korean leader Kim¬†Jong Un¬†continues to¬†urge¬†his public health officials to stay¬†proactive¬†in¬†guarding against the virus.¬†Many people assume that North Korea¬†having¬†no¬†cases¬†is false¬†because of how close¬†the country is to China where the virus originally broke out in the poor health infrastructure within the country.¬†They would be the only country to have zero cases if this is true.¬†¬† Source:¬†https://apnews.com/1c358aee25e062246e810bcbb20275be¬† Read More »

What does China’s national security law for Hong Kong say? | Aljazeera

Despite¬†pro-democracy¬†protest¬†that¬†had¬†broken¬†out within the country,¬†China¬†continued¬†to pass¬†a¬†law making it hard for anyone to speak out against the Chinese government without being considered a terrorist or a national security threat.¬†This new security law will make it easier for¬†a¬†sentence is to be longer and harsher on those who¬†are seen as¬†a traitor to the country.¬† Source:¬†https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/07/china-national-security-law-hong-kong-200701024705923.html¬† Read More »

The growing need for a modern aircraft platform for special forces | The Hill

The article talks about¬†aircrafts used in the past¬†and their pros and their defaults.¬†The article analyzes¬†what exactly is needed in an aircraft¬†and what makes¬†the perfect one.¬†They¬†analyze¬†current situation¬†that we have with our modern¬†aircrafts¬†and compare affordability,¬†the ability to defeat modern militaries¬†and¬†access¬†to different kinds of fuel and how that just might play a part in getting the US the perfect aircraft.¬† Source:¬†https://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/politics/505757-the-growing-need-for-a-modern-aircraft-platform-for-special¬† Read More »

The military we have vs. the military we‚ÄĮneed | Defense One

The¬†National Defense Strategy is viewed by some as¬†disruptive¬†change.¬†This author believes that President Trump has refocused the military‚Äôs efforts on frivolous efforts and nonexistent threats. Now, the U.S. is at risk for losing their¬†spot as one of the best militaries in the world. In order to properly prepare for the near future, the military needs to see drastic change and overhaul.¬†¬† ... Read More »

The National Guard: The perfect space partner | Military Times

Major General James Eifert¬†discusses¬†what the perfect¬†Space Force¬†would look like¬†in an article put out by the¬†Military¬†Times.¬†He talks about¬†General John¬†Hyten,¬†who is the authority on military space operations,¬†and his comment about the National Guard¬†Space¬†Force.¬†Eifert¬†believes that¬†we should create a space National Guard¬†and¬†doing¬†so would¬†not affect the chain¬†of command¬†and would employ the perfect people¬†for the position.¬† Source:¬†https://www.militarytimes.com/opinion/commentary/2020/07/03/the-national-guard-the-perfect-space-partner/¬† Read More »

Libya: 200 Yemen mercenaries arrive to fight on behalf of Turkey | Middle East Monitor

The Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) now has the support of over 200 mercenaries from Yemen. These mercenaries are a part of the Islah party. It is predicted that this effort is to help deepen their alliance with Turkey while keeping in mind of the predicted Turkish invasion in Yemen. Source: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20200629-libya-200-yemen-mercenaries-arrive-to-fight-on-behalf-of-turkey/ Read More »

Green Beret sharpshooters can kill you from over two miles away | National Interest

Green Berets lived up to their expectations at the elite U.S. Army Special Operations Command International Sniper Competition. This competition takes some of the most skilled military‚Äôs and special operation teams from across the U.S. and armed forces and even some foreign militaries to test and see who has the most sniper talent. Master Sgt. David and Sgt. 1st Class ... Read More »

Russia’s Putin wins referendum on constitutional reforms | DW News

One amendment in particular was pushed into the spotlight. The amendment in question would alter term limits to be longer allowing Putin to continue being president. 65% of those eligible voted and 78% of those who voted supported changing the constitution. It was originally planned for April 22nd but then was rescheduled and altered due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Source: ... Read More »

Israel signals occupied West Bank annexation move not imminent | Aljazeera

A statement by¬†Gahi¬†Ashkanazi¬†revealed¬†that the government discussion with the United States is going to be held after the¬†self-imposed¬†target date of July 1st.¬†While many are eager for this discussion to start, Benny Gantz the alternative prime minister stated that this conversation should be delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Source: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/07/israel-signals-occupied-west-bank-annexation-move-imminent-200701072958427.html Read More »