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Why ‘preppers’ are going mainstream | BBC News

Learning the basics of survival has now become mainstream because of the ongoing climate disasters that are happening around the world. People are now much aware of preparing for an emergency since they have encountered previous disasters and learned to be resourceful in times of crisis. “I saw a kind of insatiable desire for self-sufficiency and safety in this age ... Read More »

Special Forces kill Al-Shabaab militants including foreigners | Garowe Online

Somalian Special Forces have taken out 17 Al-Shabaab militants who were responsible for wreaking havoc throughout the Lower Shabelle. There has been a nationwide crackdown for 10 months on these types of terrorist groups. Many of the militants were killed during an operation to retake several local towns from terrorist control. Source: https://www.garoweonline.com/en/news/somalia/danab-special-forces-kill-al-shabaab-militants-including-foreigners Read More »

Why should we not stop writing by hand? | Entrepreneur

Our world driven by technology slowly fades the art of writing by hand. Research shows that when we write by hand, we activate three regions of the brain: the visual, motor, and cognitive areas. It also develops our motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Writing by hands is a form of free expression without limits or restrictions. It helps us organize ... Read More »

8 Epic swim workouts for competitive swimmers | Swim Swam

Our legendary swimmers share their swim training for all our aspiring competitive swimmers. Jon Urbanchek, David Marsh, Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, Lenny Krayzelburg, and Rik Vendt have proven that it takes perseverance, discipline, and endurance to stay consistent in their routine that shaped to where they are today. Apply whichever works best for you and learn from the best. Source: ... Read More »

Somalia strike killed eight expert bomb makers, AFRICOM says | Stars & Stripes

U.S. Africa Command has posted a video of an airstrike conducted in Somalia that killed eight al-Shabab bomb makers. Lt. Gen. Kirk Smith, AFRICOM deputy commander, has stated that “Al-Shabaab’s continuous attacks demonstrate its willingness to accept high numbers of civilian casualties while advancing operations aimed at undermining security across Somalia.” The terrorists were known for making explosive devices for ... Read More »

Taliban face heavy retaliation in Zabul | Khaama News

At least six Taliban insurgents were killed by Afghan National Defense and Security Forces after the terrorists attacked checkpoints in the Mizan and Arghandab districts of the Zabul province. The Ministry of Defense also stated that a large number of weapons and ammunition were destroyed or confiscated during the missions. At least five Taliban fighters were also killed in the ... Read More »

The secret to becoming a market leader | Harvard Business Review

Defining your market and focusing on your target customer is the key to becoming a market leader. It should be well-aligned with your targeted niche in the market and requires an assessment of both client’s needs and your business’s capabilities. The secret to becoming a market leader is that you need to find a market demand large enough to support ... Read More »