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How to encourage empowerment at work | Chron

During these times everyone needs a little bit of empowerment. Chron has summarized ways for those in leadership roles to encourage employees. Some of these ways include to keeping a positive attitude, look at employees as individuals, have an open ear and always offer the opportunity to learn more. Source: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/encourage-empowerment-work-10919.html Read More »

The top 50 U.S. colleges that pay off the most in 2020 | CNBC News

This year college life looks different thanks to COVID-19. Students will be for the most part online, and networking and social life has become difficult. Because of this families are having to rethink just how much college is worth. CNBC News has summarized some of the top U.S colleges and what will have the most bang for your buck. Numerous ... Read More »

27 epic images show how SpaceX made history by flying NASA astronauts to and from the space station | Business Insider

SpaceX and NASA sent two men to the International Space Station safely in their Crew Dragon vessel. They made history on Sunday when they landed in the Gulf of Mexico. Business Insider shares captured images of this historic event, as this was the first private company to successfully send someone to space. Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/photos-spacex-nasa-astronaut-mission-to-space-station-2020-8?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=webfeeds Read More »

10 things in tech you need to know today | Business Insider

Abstract, decorative image of computer code displaying on a screen

Business Insider has compiled a list of current events going on that are tech related happening all around the world. Some of those include TikTok getting banned to less known knowledge like how hackers might have had assess to Twitter users’ private messages and just who is getting your voice messages at Google. Several social media platforms have also launched ... Read More »

Ranger School graduates running for office are claiming to be Rangers. Is it right? | Connecting Vets Radio

However, these two candidates from New Hampshire and Michigan running for the Senate might be stretching the truth. John James and Bryant Messener both claim to have been Rangers however if you dig a little deeper that is not the whole truth. They really just graduated Ranger school and were never in a Ranger battalion. Source: https://connectingvets.radio.com/articles/would-be-politicians-claim-to-be-rangers-but-are-they Read More »

Trump says US generals feel Beirut blast was likely an ā€˜attackā€™ | Military Times

In Beirut, a port exploded and left 70 people dead and more injured. President Donald Trump observes this as an attack after speaking with United States military generals. He believes that this was executed by a bomb and offers condolences to families and support to Lebanon from the US. Source: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2020/08/04/trump-says-us-generals-feel-beirut-blast-was-likely-an-attack/ Read More »

National Guard coronavirus missions extended until 2021 | Military Times

Despite the announcement that domestic deployments will not stop for COVID-19 aid, funding is decreasing. Late Monday evening President Donald Trump initiated this order. Currently there are over thirty thousand guardsmen deployed in an effort to help ease COVID-19 as cases are increasing and states remain open. Source: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2020/08/04/national-guard-coronavirus-missions-extended-until-2021/ Read More »

A new small business relief proposalā€”even bigger than the PPPā€”could be part of the next stimulus bill | Forbes

As unemployment benefits are starting to run out, states starting to close again, and cases rising, Americans and policy makers are in a race against time to implement a saving grace. The economy is at one of its lows and a new proposal could be part of the second stimulus bill that would help protect small business. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/sarahhansen/2020/08/04/a-new-small-business-relief-proposal-even-bigger-than-the-ppp-could-be-part-of-the-next-stimulus-bill/#78b3d19a35a8 Read More »

The basics of virtual car buying | Philadelphia Sun

Many people are choosing to trade in their public commute for a car over health concerns and some are just looking into the market. However, buying a car is a big task that requires some research. The Philadelphia Sun breaks down online car buying and some best practices for finding the right vehicle. Source: https://www.philasun.com/color-of-money/the-basics-of-virtual-car-buying/ Read More »