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We need to teach personal finance classes starting in middle school if we want kids to have a stable future | Business Insider

Teaching children about financial literacy at a suitable age will provide them a brighter future ahead of them. Personal finance is highly recommended to be part of the educational curriculum where students understand the value of saving, budgeting, and managing debts. It is also a good opportunity for them to learn appropriate investments, inflation, insurance, and government agencies that oversee ... Read More »

10 Ways to stop being pessimistic | Life Hack

With all the bad news happening this year of 2020, it is much more difficult to be optimistic. This year may not be off to a good start, but it taught us to appreciate everything we have. We take for granted the little blessings we have – our health, our safety, our food in the table, our career. Our thoughts ... Read More »

How to recruit and hire the best remote workers | Entrepreneur

Hiring remote workers can be time-consuming especially since the unemployment rate increased, and companies cannot accommodate physical interviews where they can assess the candidates. In any case, one can utilize in their recruitment process to include a short two- or three-minute video and using an applicant tracking system in their application to identify the short-listed applicants who have great intention ... Read More »

Telemedicine may well outlast the pandemic, say mental health care staff | Science Daily

The pandemic affects not only our healthcare system and economy but also our mental health. Medical practitioners found that telemedicine is likely to stay to a certain extent. Yet, new research found that there are still things to improve on and it is not suitable for everyone in the long-term. As stated by Professor Alan Simpson, “Regarding telemedicine, our sources ... Read More »

What if Facebook goes down? Ethical and legal considerations for the demise of big tech | Policy Review

People rely on social media platforms to connect with their loved ones and businesses rely on Facebook in advertising their product and marketing it to its targeted customers. A case study was born out of the idea of the significant effect and consequences if big tech giants like Facebook will close or fail. Changing user demographics and preferences, and competition ... Read More »

Amp Human receives $1.5M Phase II Small Business Innovation Research contract from US Air Force | HJ News

US Air Force granted company Amp Human $1.5 million Phase II Small Business Innovation Research through its AFWERX innovation program. This partnership will last for the next 18 months to fund research and adaptation in their PR Lotion. It is designed to providing solution to human performance challenges like hydration to improve warfighter resilience and capabilities. Source: https://www.hjnews.com/news/state/amp-human-receives-1-5m-phase-ii-small-business-innovation-research-contract-from-us-air/article_cf66af29-7a06-5365-be61-c1cb223d0505.html Read More »

Armed overwatch: A critical special operations forces requirement | Military Times

Wilson believes that the need for special operation soldiers will only increase. He talks about Armed Overwatch and what that means. He believes it is crucial in SOF decision making. He also talks about the role in which the Armed Overwatch can hold a huge difference in how things play out. Source: https://www.militarytimes.com/opinion/commentary/2020/08/23/armed-overwatch-a-critical-special-operations-forces-requirement/ Read More »

Don’t just copy and paste: A better model for managing military technologists | War on the Rocks

Jim Perkins, Richard Kuzma, and James Long writes about the digital talent crisis and possible solutions. They also talk about the need for the digital corps and what that might look like. They break down talent models like traditional, specialist, and professional and how it relates to the need for digital corps. Source: https://warontherocks.com/2020/08/dont-just-copy-and-paste-a-better-model-for-managing-military-technologists/ Read More »

How to make a culture of lifelong learning stick in your business | Forbes

An organization where a culture and environment exhibit continuous learning improves the long-term relationship with its people. According to a LinkedIn survey, opportunities for employee development have become the second most important factor in workplace happiness. Companies are advised to used different styles of learning like one-on-one mentoring, sharing learning with others, and even using a variety of media and ... Read More »

25 things I wish I knew when I was an aspiring entrepreneur | Business Insider

Business Insider published an article written by serial entrepreneur David Cancel about things he wishes he would of knew as an aspiring entrepreneur. Those include things like reading every day, taking some time to learn about psychology, being able to tell a good story and investing in relationships with people. Learning from others can help prevent mistakes in the future ... Read More »

5 Life-saving applications of artificial intelligence | Forbes

Thirty years ago, if you asked about artificial intelligence someone might think of robots folding laundry or being personal assistance. While we do have things to help us out like your voice activated Siri or Alexa, AI also has some lifesaving applications. Forbes pulls together how AI has been able to save lives. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/serenitygibbons/2020/08/25/5-life-saving-applications-of-artificial-intelligence/#247c17211c58 Read More »