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Trump, Portland mayor clash over causes of escalating unrest | Reuters

In Portland in particular, protestors have been met with federal forces after President Trump deployed federal officers to help control ongoing riots. News regarding arson and destruction of property from rioters, as well as peaceful protestors being attacked, have all been on display. The mayor of Portland is urging Trump to back off as he believes that the federal officers ... Read More »

Green Beret designs first-ever fireproof American flag made of Kevlar to withstand rioters | The Epoch Times

American flag on a court building

A Green Beret has designed a fire proof American flag that is fireproof and much harder to destroy. Staff Sergeant Kyle Daniels had to jump through many obstacles before creating his fireproof brand that he envisions being the future of American flags. Daniels is able to make the flags fireproof by using Kevlar instead of traditional materials that are flammable ... Read More »

World faces staggering jobs challenge, says Microsoft president | BBC News

COVID-19 has caused for millions to lose their jobs and the economy has been sinking. Microsoft President Brad Smith predicts that millions more will lose their job in the U.S. and around the world. Microsoft owns LinkedIn which is used universally to help connect people to jobs and opportunity’s, however the company feels that the training being offered just isn’t ... Read More »

Scientists successfully put tiny GoPro-style wireless cameras on beetles, and it’s paving the way for miniature robots | Business Insider

Researchers at the University of Washington have created a GoPro for bugs in hopes of making way for miniature robots and innovation. The camera is able to record and connect to a smart phone and give back black and white video feed. It is able to rotate 60 degrees, and the cameras also are able to work wirelessly unlike the ... Read More »

Professor examines ethics of biomedical research on soldiers | UML University

Asst. Prof. Nicholas Evan has received a $209,749 grant from an independent bioethics institute, The Greenwall Foundation, to research ethics of biomedical enhancement on soldiers. His research titled, “The Ethics of Warfighter Enhancement Research”, will try to dissect the ethical framework being deliberated by the Department of Defense over implications of a possible imprint of a brain chip or use ... Read More »

How the Green Berets got their name | Army Times

The honor of being a Green Beret was not recognized until John F. Kennedy acknowledged their distinction in the U.S. Special Forces in 1962. The idea came from Special Forces’ founder Col. Aaron Bank where they were called “the unit with the greatest combat potential in the armed forces” in the 10th Special Forces yearbook from the time in the ... Read More »

Outgunned: Is US losing the sniper war? | Asia Times

China and Russia are swiftly adapting to train skilled snipers and upgrade their equipment while the Pentagon finds itself outmatch and far behind as reported by Jared Keller of Task & Purpose. The first challenge is a matter of advances in equipment since the Russian military has developed several rifles including the Chukavin sniper rifle and Orsis T-5000 Tochnost rifle. ... Read More »

In Pictures: China faces worst floods in 30 years | Aljazeera

China is facing the worst flooding in the past 30 years since June amid the economic pressure and health crisis with the coronavirus. 33 swelling rivers and lakes reached record-high levels while 433 rivers are on a high alert level. The flooding has caused the death of 140 people, affected 38 million others, and destroyed 28,000 homes according to government ... Read More »

US military makes sweeping changes to stamp out prejudice and bias — including discrimination against pregnancies and hairstyles | Business Insider

The U.S. Defense Department has enacted plans to address issues on “diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities” for all the military branches. This was triggered in the wake of protests following the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. The memo stated implementing additional training to address unconscious bias, pregnancy-based discrimination, hairstyle, and grooming policies. West Point cadets ... Read More »

Defence ministry delegates powers to armed forces to process urgent cases of weapons | Economic Times India

On Wednesday India’s defense ministry had a meeting where they discussed allowing armed forces to process weapons that are needed faster. They also required weapons and equipment up to RS300 crore, so it is able to meet the new requirements. Vice chiefs now have the power to call for weapons and equipment at short notice in case of conflict with ... Read More »

Is it safe to take a summer road trip in the COVID-19 era? | Forbes

Planning to have a road trip by car or RV may be a safer way to travel than flying, but a survey conducted by Farmers Insurance found that 74 percent would only be staying within 500 miles from where they live. This sentiment reflects the agitation of travelers still getting infected or spreading the virus. According to the Centers for ... Read More »

Western and northeast states set ambitious goal for electric buses, vans and rigs | Forbes

Fifteen states and the District of Columbia are envisioning a transition to an alternative eco-friendly use of electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles by 2050. According to CARB Researchers, trucks are the most dominant source of air pollution, representing 70% of smog-causing emissions and 80% of diesel soot. The California Air Resources Board announced it would begin requiring truck manufacturers to ... Read More »

Here’s how security experts think hackers hijacked the Twitter accounts of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, and many others | Business Insider

Something seemed off when people like Barack Obama and Elon Musk were asking people to purchase bitcoin and they would then send double the amount back. It seemed too good to be true because it was. Hackers broke into their accounts on Wednesday to conduct this scam. Twitter was notified of this and all verified accounts were suspended from posting until they could figure ... Read More »

Military parachutes: Observations on Army and Marine Corps acquisition programs | U.S. Government Accountability Office

The Army and Marine Corps are looking to spend around $150 million to replace their freefall parachutes as new options come into play. These parachutes are largely used by special operations and reconnaissance troops and usually have a service life of up to 15 years. Both are on track with implementing these new changes, with the Marine Corps having 2025 ... Read More »

US Marine task force participates in Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School | DVIDS

Marines and a Sailor from the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force – Southern Command are participating in Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School located in Mississippi. A total of thirteen participants are exchanging knowledge and sharpening their skills regarding naval terminology, riverine tactics, and immediate action drills. “We will carry the skills we’ve gained and lessons learned ... Read More »