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The Army is planning a major overhaul of its hair and grooming regulations | Military.com

The Army is working on implementing changes being discussed to allow some women to wear ponytails in uniform and removing wording from the existing regulations found to be offensive or racist. This is also with regards to the Army’s Project Inclusion. Nicole Kirschmann, a career Army civilian, said on her personal Twitter account that she believed the service should allow women ... Read More »

The modern Shetland Bus: The lure of covert maritime vessels for great-power competition | War on the Rocks

Shetland Bus has been a significant vessel during the Second World War II. David Howarth became the second-in-command of this covert fleet and wrote the definitive history of the program as “a means for regular transport between Great Britain and Norway for sending messengers, leaders, instructors, trained radio operators and saboteurs, and cargoes of weapons.” The Shetland Bus vessels sailed over 90,000 miles and ... Read More »

Marine Corps begins widespread fielding of suppressors | DVIDS

Marine Corps Systems Command started fielding thousands of suppressors to infantry, reconnaissance, and special operation units for employment on the M27, M4, and M4A1 rifles. Small arms suppressors are designed to reduce a weapon’s noise, flash, and recoil. “Our intent was to leverage commercially available technology to support the near-term modernization required for our close combat Marines,” said Billy Epperson, the ... Read More »

31 years ago, Delta Force pulled off its first successful hostage rescue, saving a CIA operative from an enemy prison | Business Insider

As relations between the United States and Noriega deteriorated after the Iran Contra operation was exported, A CIA operative by the name of Kurt Muse was arrested and threatened to be killed. Delta Force planners located where Muse was and outlines a general plan of how they were going to rescue him. Four MH-6 Little Bird helicopters would be landing ... Read More »

The 10 business strategists to watch in 2021 | Globe News Wire

Running a business requires that you have the right strategy and people to hit your goals and create a brand that will attract customers. According to Boost Media Agency, if you are looking to grow your business, working with a world-class business strategist is a must. They will help you scale up your marketing strategies and provide you professional advice with their ... Read More »

The Navy’s fight against scurvy | DVIDS

The scurvy disease has been known as the “Black Death of the sea” and was once considered deadly as smallpox. The sailors knew nothing about their vitamin C deficiency until Dr. William Paul Crillon Barton found a cure against scurvy while aboard the USS United States in 1809. Barton administered a citrus concoction to the crewmembers and spread the word ... Read More »

The tiny forests designed by feng shui | BBC Travel

The feng shui forest, or fengshuilin, is situated in the ancient Hakka village of Guizhuping where it is protected and preserved for around 400 years. The heritage trees are believed to bring prosperity and good health to the Han people. They consider these forests to be sacred, so they give respect by putting incense-decorated shrines dedicated to the Earth gods ... Read More »

Galilean sniper sights: How well did they work? | American Rifleman

British Galilean “optical” sights a more mysterious piece amongst collectors and students, as well as propose questions as to how large of a role they played in WWI. There are numerous questions regarding the sight that need to be answered, such as were they better than iron sights, and what evidence is there of their tactical use? American Rifleman delves ... Read More »