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Budget delay is the enemy of defense | The Hill

A budget delay can put federal agencies in a bind for the new fiscal year. Specifically, the Pentagon is very much affected by the delay and can even post a threat to national security. The budget delay happens when the president fails to submit a budget, constricting Congress’ time to oversight the process. A budget delay causes the military to ... Read More »

Bill would dramatically expand retirement benefits for 42,000 veterans | Military.com

The Major Richard Star Act dramatically expand disability benefits for around 42,000 veterans injured in combat. Specifically, this allows veterans who served less than 20 years before being medically retired due to combat-related injuries to receive disability compensation and full retirement pay. This breaks the current rule that only military retirees with at least 20 years of service and a ... Read More »

Commissioners tasked with scrubbing Confederate base names sworn-in at first meeting | The Hill

In a virtually held meeting last Tuesday, the Commissioners were tasked to plan how to rename the Confederate-named military bases. According to the statement, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin designated the Army as the Pentagon’s liaison to the commission. Officially, the panel created last year is named the “Commission on the Naming of Items of the Department of Defense that Commemorates ... Read More »

The power of low expectations | Get Rich Slowly

Our expectations play a pivotal role in our daily lives. Somewhat, they determine what our mood will be throughout the day. Having high expectations can lead to disappointments, making it better to have lower expectations at some point. Having a lower expectation makes things a little less complicated and keeps you away from disappointments. With it, you won’t have to ... Read More »

55 quotes about honesty and having integrity throughout life | Develop Good Habits

Throughout history, honesty and integrity are two of the most valued traits. From personal life to career and other aspects of life, these two traits help maintain a happy and successful life. You don’t have anything to hide with these two, so you don’t have to get stressed over such things, too, thus giving you peace and tranquility. Source: https://www.developgoodhabits.com/quotes-about-honesty/ Read More »

Training consistency is key for weight loss, military preparation and fitness testing | Military.com

All long-term goals, specifically when trying to lose weight, prepare for the military, or a physical fitness test, requires one thing – staying consistent with your training. When you are consistent with your training, achieving greater heights is more possible. Regardless of how high the standards are, getting into it isn’t impossible when you train hard and stick with it. ... Read More »

How US special operations forces helped the US military win its first post-Cold War victory | We Are the Mighty

As the Soviet Union threats declined in the 1990s, the US faced a new challenge in the Middle East. Specifically, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, which has sparked an international crisis. This ended with Iraq’s defeat by a US-led coalition six months later. US special operations units were faced with numerous challenges, including actually getting into the battle. This article delves ... Read More »

Government forces free 34 from Taliban detainment, kill 6 militants in Afghan province | XINHUA Net

In a special operation overnight in the western province Herat, Afghanistan’s government forces freed 34 people from a Taliban prison and killed six militants. Out of the 34 released Taliban prisoners, 11 are army soldiers, eight are policemen, three are Afghan Air Force personnel, five are local workers, and seven are government employees. According to Afghan National Army Special Operations ... Read More »