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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

 ‘We are all ghosts of Kyiv’ | Politico

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In the eastern Donbas area, where Russian troops have refocused their offensive effort, Juice is a Ukrainian fighter pilot. Every day, they bomb other cities and regions devoid of military assets. Juice deems the actions of Russian pilots to be both dumb and unethical.

Since the beginning of the invasion, Russia has lost 200 of its about 1,200 combat planes and 162 of its roughly 500 assault helicopters. Ukrainian pilots need more F-15 and F-16 fighters to have the upper hand over Russia. Juice, a fighter pilot with the Ukrainian Air National Guard, says.

According to Juice, the Ukrainian success in destroying Russian planes and helicopters is due to “very efficient air defense with our ground soldiers.” The Soviet S-300 and Buk surface-to-air missile systems and the American Stinger anti-aircraft systems have assisted. According to MiG-29 pilot Juice, the purpose of his unit is to intercept all forms of airborne threats.

Contrary to popular belief, dogfights in the skies à la “Top Gun” are exceedingly uncommon. Juice feels that the tale of the Ghost is more beneficial than destructive, but he asserts that there is not a single ghost in Kyiv.

The United States has initiated an assessment of the intelligence community’s understanding of the combat capabilities of other armies. Friday, the Swedish government issued a study suggesting that Stockholm will pursue NATO membership. The paper, titled “Deterioration of the Security Environment — Implications for Sweden,” takes a frank look at what Russia’s invasion of Ukraine implies for the Scandinavian nation.

It does not state that Sweden will follow Finland into the alliance, but it is difficult to interpret the agreement and conclude otherwise. The European Union will provide an additional 500 million euros to Ukraine’s military assistance package, increasing it to 2 billion euros.

The funds are available via the European Peace Facility, an EU fund for military aid (EPF). Since February 18, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has spoken with Russian Defense Minister SERGEI SHOIGU. It is unknown whether Shoigu’s choice to pick up the phone indicates a shift in Russia’s political or military stance, but it seems improbable.

Brittney Griner’s pre-trial imprisonment in Russia has been prolonged by another month. Russian satellite provider Eutelsat is a significant factor in why Russian propaganda continues to be broadcast into the homes of many Europeans.

Stopping the spread of Kremlin-sponsored misinformation might be aided by removing Russian channels and replacing them with free-to-air programming with objective news. ON THURSDAY, Adm. MIKE Gilday also criticized the nation’s two largest shipbuilders, stating that they are “over budget and significantly behind time” concerning submarine upkeep.

The Navy is attempting to deploy additional submarines to combat the fast-expanding Chinese fleet. Sen. RAND PAUL (R-Kentucky) rejected a fast-tracked vote on a $40 billion assistance plan to bolster Ukraine’s defenses, preventing the legislation from reaching the desk of President JOE BIDEN this week. This morning, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba attacked the senator from Kentucky on social media.

The Biden administration favors a regional energy agreement that would provide $40-$50 million to the dictatorship of Syrian President BASHAR AL-ASSAD. Critics assert that the deal, which transports natural gas from Egypt to Lebanon through Jordan and Syria, legitimizes the Assad dictatorship rather than maintaining its worldwide pariah status. On Thursday, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Treasury Department granted a license enabling “certain economic activity in some non-regime-held regions of northeast and northwest Syria” on Thursday.

The National Security Council has elevated CARA ABERCROMBIE to the defense and weapons control coordinator position. Frank Larkin has been appointed chief operations officer of the Troops First Foundation and will serve as the initiative’s chair.


Source: https://www.politico.com/newsletters/national-security-daily/2022/05/13/we-are-all-ghosts-of-kyiv-00032426


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