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Thursday, December 8, 2022

‘Wagner will not take Bakhmut,’ says former Israeli special forces commander | Yahoo.com

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‘Wagner won’t take Bakhmut,’ claims a former leader of the Israeli special forces. He discussed how the conflict in Donetsk Oblast will unfold, whether or not it will end in the winter, and how Israel will support Ukraine in an interview with Radio NV.

What is the situation right now with the fighting close to Bakhmut? Everyone is anticipating the location of the Russians’ primary blow. There are grounds to think that Bakhmut will be the one. The city is constantly under artillery fire, the Russian occupiers are essentially right next to Bakhmut, but troops are preventing them from moving closer and are holding Bakhmut, so the situation is actually very difficult. The troops that were stationed in Kherson on the right bank may yet be moved by the Russians. The forces of the occupiers may be shifted towards the direction of Bakhmut and Soledar on the Donetsk front. There is fighting there between the Russian conquerors’ regular troops and “Wagnerites.” The Wagnerites are more prevalent. However, this has little impact on any advancement. Yes, the Wagnerites are better prepared than the Russian Army’s simply mobilized forces. But they still won’t capture Bakhmut. The fact that our troops vow to be there until the very end ensures that they won’t accept it.

Source: https://news.yahoo.com/wagner-not-bakhmut-says-former-162200580.html 



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