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Friday, December 2, 2022

US Special Forces will showcase first-ever live fire of airdropped cruise missiles off Northern Norway | The Barents Observer

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An army transport jet can launch a swarm of cruise missiles using the highly effective, brand-new Rapid Dragon armament system. 

Sometime between November 9 and 11, the United States and NATO allies tested their strike capability over the Norwegian Sea in the Arctic Circle for the first time. The US guarantees that “this is not a signal to Russia or any opponent.” In a phone conversation with the Barents Observer, Army Captain Elizabeth Collins explained that the region off the coast of Northern Norway was chosen because it was large enough for the test. The Rapid Dragon is designed to strike distant targets on land and at the water in various orientations. The exercise region in northern Norway, west of Andya and Troms, is roughly 150 km long and 100 km wide. Around 650 kilometers separate this area of the Norwegian Sea from the Kola Peninsula, which serves as the homeport for Russia’s nuclear submarines. A Northern Fleet vessel conducted a Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile test in the Barents Sea in February, just days before Moscow’s assault on Ukraine. The test was a part of a broader strategic nuclear exercise.




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