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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

US naval officer in Japan faces prison over deadly crash | Navy Times

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A Japanese court will hear the appeal of a sailor condemned to three years in jail for causing the death of a family in a vehicle accident.

The parents of Ridge Alkonis are begging for forgiveness for an incident they claim was an accident. Wednesday, a Japanese court will hear the appeal of his three-year jail term. Prosecutors assert he fell asleep when weary and failed to pull over quickly. His vehicle drove into parked automobiles and people in a parking lot, hitting an elderly mother and her son-in-law. A U.S. Navy man was sentenced to three years in jail for causing the death of the mother of his daughter in a vehicle accident in Japan.

After driving up the mountain, he said he felt sleepy and afterward stated that he got mountain sickness. A Japanese court voiced suspicion over the mountain illness allegation, stating that it was hard to believe he became paralyzed abruptly. The family of Ridge Alkonis reports that his attorney persuaded them to plead guilty and make reparations to the victims’ relatives. They did so by signing a $1.65 million settlement, of which about half was collected from savings and friends. His mother expresses concern for her son, unsure of the case’s long-term implications on his military career.

Source: https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2022/06/05/us-naval-officer-in-japan-faces-prison-over-deadly-crash/


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