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Saturday, March 25, 2023

US Marine, Army female engagements teams changed military forever | Task and Purpose

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Women were not permitted to serve in combat weapons positions or join combat units in any capacity in 2010 – not even in support jobs like communications or logistics.

For years, there has been a heated discussion over women in combat. However, by 2022, it seems that women serving in or near infantry units will be the new normal. However, there is still debate: gender biases have been identified, and some males refuse to work alongside women. Despite her wish to leave, the Air Force was recently chastised for attempting to accept a woman via its special operations pipeline. However, for other countries, the debate about women in combat is a luxury they cannot afford. In 2015, Marine leadership condensed a thousand pages of gender integration research into only four pages, leaving out key details. Gathering correct data was difficult due to a scarcity of interested male and female participants in some specializations.

Source: https://taskandpurpose.com/news/fet-infantry-us-military/


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