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Saturday, December 3, 2022

US House Comes Back Early, Could Take Up CR as Early as Tuesday

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The US House could vote on a government shutdown-averting spending bill and new authorities to take on the Islamic State as soon as Tuesday.

Last week ended with House Republican leaders delaying action on a $1 trillion measure, which would fund the Pentagon and other federal agencies through Dec. 11, because members had questions about a provision added at the request of President Barack Obama.

The commander in chief asked House Appropriations Committee leaders to include language granting him authority to train and equip Syrian rebels in Saudi Arabia to fight the violent Sunni group inside Syria.

House Republican members — and some Democrats — objected, saying they wanted more information about the plan and additional time to think about it.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, in public comments and a letter to Iraq’s new prime minister that surfaced over the weekend, continues saying the chamber will approve Obama’s desired measures.

That means the question of the week is how he makes good on his vow.

Boehner could include the new authorities in the continuing resolution (CR) and force it through — possibly relying on Democratic votes to get him to the magic number of 218.

Or, as many members favor, he could pass the CR on its own and hold a separate vote on the Syrian rebels train-and-equip authorization.

Read More:US House Comes Back Early, Could Take Up CR as Early as Tuesday | Defense News | defensenews.com.


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