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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Upcoming SOFWERX event to tackle challenges associated with omnipresent sensor networks | Fed Scoop

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SOFWERX is organizing a new event in Tampa, Florida, for the special operations community to promote awareness and interactions among some of the most inventive minds of the present day.

SOFWERX is conducting an “innovation foundry” event to generate ideas for future commando equipment: The IF11 conference will unite the U.S. and worldwide Special Operations Forces, government officials, industry representatives, academics, and futurists. Sensor design and development, radio frequency technology, and data processing and visualization are areas of interest.

SOFWERX and SOCOM want to investigate how the command and its foreign allies can shift away from conventional ISR systems and sensors. In addition, they want to discover improved methods for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data and using this knowledge in combat. The IF11 project might ultimately result in research and development collaborations between businesses.

Source: https://www.fedscoop.com/upcoming-sofwerx-event-to-tackle-challenges-associated-with-omnipresent-sensor-networks/

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