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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Ukraine’s Snipex Alligator Sniper Rifle Is a Real Beast | Popular Mechanics

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The Snipex Alligator can attack with over twelve tons of force and a range of up to four miles when using the 14.5 millimeter heavy machine gun cartridge. 

On the front lines in Ukraine right now, one of the largest and most lethal sniper rifles in the world is in use. With the use of their rifles, Ukrainian soldiers may take out enemy soldiers as well as their light armored vehicles, communication equipment, and even ammo and fuel depots, driving the Russian invasion forces out of their territory. During the Revolutionary War, sharpshooters from the colonies who had grown up hunting with hunting rifles turned their sights on redcoat soldiers from the British Army. Most military sniper rifles up until recently were modified from hunting rifles like the Remington 700 or service rifles like the M1903 Springfield service rifle of World Wars I and II. Although practical, this limited the development of ammunition and calibers, leaving sniper rifles limited to using relatively tiny military- and hunting-caliber ammunition. Barrett’s innovation was quite effective, but Ukraine’s new Snipex Alligator anti-material weapon is much more potent. The Alligator is a large, extremely specialized weapon created by Snipex. The gun is longer than typical at six feet, six inches when fully built.




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