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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Ukraine’s River Fleet Is Fighting a Secretive War Along Vast Waterways | Forbes

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As Russia’s larger war against Ukraine enters its ninth month, a fleeting glimpse of an ancient, ex-Soviet amphibious tractor towing a Ukrainian army platoon across a river serves as a stark reminder that Ukraine’s vast rivers are a battlefield.

Russia ensured that Ukraine no longer has a seagoing navy when it sunk or captured the majority of the fleet. At order to prevent the frigate Hetman Sagaidachny from ever slipping into Russian hands, Ukraine completed the task itself by sinking it in Odessa back in February. Ukraine still possesses a riverine flotilla, which is made up of used boats from the Soviet era, former civilian boats, border patrol boats, and second-hand boats that the US began donating this summer. Furthermore, the riverine flotilla has been active. The PTS is a vintage vehicle from the 1960s, yet it is nevertheless helpful in a nation with many sizable rivers. specifically the Dnipro River, which cuts through Kyiv and numerous other significant cities before flowing into the Black Sea close to the port of Kherson and dividing Ukraine in half from north to south.



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