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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Ukraine’s Indigenous “Malyuk” Bullpup Rifle Is The Weapon Of Choice For Its Special Operators | The Warzone

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Malyuk, a so-called “bullpup” design that is being heavily used by Ukrainian special operations forces units.

Malyuk is a Ukrainian word which translates to “baby” or “youngster” in English. The name was initially given to the prototype of the current weapon which was first revealed in 2015. The company, InterProInvest, markets the gun as “The Vulcan.” However, to many operators and those in the community, it hasn’t shed its original nickname.

The Vulcan, is not an entirely new design. It is essentially a spin off of the standard AK, refitted inside a new chassis. The Specs are as follows. 16.3-inch barrel, is around 28 inches overall, and weighs just under 8.4 pounds. Thetop of the receiver follows the US standard Picatinny rail length, allowing for the attachment of multiple optics.


Source: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/44687/ukraines-indigenous-malyuk-bullpup-rifle-is-the-weapon-of-choice-for-its-special-operators

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