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Monday, December 5, 2022

Ukraine’s defenders are turning personal vehicles into ‘technicals’ to fight off Russian forces | Insider

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Ukraine’s defenders used their ingenuity to come up with inventive ways to turn the resources they already had- technicals are the result of increased demand for battlefield mobility, a reduction in combat costs, and innovation spurred by necessity.

Since Russia first began attacking Ukraine again six months ago, the US and its NATO allies have contributed billions of dollars worth of cutting-edge equipment that has helped Kyiv hold the line and, in recent weeks, flip the tide against Moscow. Although the Ukrainian forces tremendously benefited from such security assistance, they also used their ingenuity to come up with inventive ways to turn the resources they already had into lethal weapons. The way they turned SUVs and pickup trucks into militaristic vehicles known as “technicals” is arguably the best example of this.  Modern battlefields have long featured heavy weapons and heavily armed fighters, but “technicals” first achieved attention during the early stages of the US-led war on terror.The retired Delta operator referred to technicals as “one of the trademarks” of the war on terror and stated that they were “used every opportunity we got” since they were simple to drive and could go practically anywhere.



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