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Friday, December 9, 2022

Ukraine Partisans are hitting Russian soldiers behind their own lines | The Economist

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Russia had taken the strategic city of Melitopol just 3 days into the war. Their quick and ruthless advance was supposedly made easy by Pro-Russian turncoats. The city, which sits almost directly in between Crimea and Donetsk is a crucial Railway hub, and is strategically crucial to the control of the land bridge reaching Crimea. Despite the swift capture of the city, Russian occupiers have found it difficult to control the population. Insurgent attacks are happening almost daily, with grenade attacks, Pro Ukraine Rallies and sabotage of military infrastructure common occurrences within the area. “Our people are doing everything to make sure the land burns under the feet of the occupiers,” says the town’s mayor, Ivan Fedorov, who now resides in Ukrainian controlled territory. The Ukranians government claims that Insurgents have killed more than 100 enemies in and around Melitopol.

Source: https://www.economist.com/europe/2022/06/05/ukraines-partisans-are-hitting-russian-soldiers-behind-their-own-lines


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